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By | January 20, 2017

Skipping Stone iPhone Gameplay Review AppSpy

Despite already having a few titles dedicatedto the 'Skipping Stone' series, it seems that iOS gamers are only now being introduced tothis classic game from GAMEVIL's archives. Given its Java past it's no surprise to seethis endless arcade title keeping things simple, but trying to keep an anthropomorphic stonein the air isn't an easy task. Originally, players had to traverse aroundthe world, encountering various creatures in an attempt to find the stone's lost love.While the story may be taking a backseat in this release, players still have the opportunityto encounter creatures from the original game, albeit as hazards. The simple onetouch controlsonly require the player to tap the screen

as close as possible to the surface of thewater (as indicated by a shadowed ring), earning bonuses for accurate strings and picking upbonuses to increase their score and earn more 'coins'. These coins can be pooled and subsequentlyspent on pregame bonuses such as a second life; slower falls; higher bounces; and anincreased chance for choice bonus items. Providing such powerful bonuses at the costof 'coins' is a doubleedged sword; while on one hand it provides players with the opportunityto reach levels they'd never otherwise be able to get to, it also locks highscore huntersin to a vicious cycle of grinding (or making inapp purchases) before making any attemptsfor the leaderboards. As such, Skipping Stone

is far better for casual gamers after a simpletimewaster. Thankfully the bright cartoonish style, cheerybackground tracks and pickup and play style make it easy to keep hitting 'retry', at leastfor a little while. Skipping Stone is a welcome update to a classic Java title and a cutedistraction, but it's a shame players only get to experience the game 'in full' everytwenty games (or so).

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