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By | January 28, 2017

Motocross Tips Tricks How to Whip a Motocross Bike

One of the things that most riders have difficultylearning, and everybody wants to be able to do, is to whip the bike. Basically, whippingthe bike is exactly kind of what it sound like, you, off the face of the jump, basicallywhip the bike out sideways so that the goal would be to get the bike either you know,parallel to the ground or beyond which some riders are able to do on sizable jumps. But,really to start with it's just kind of kicking the bike out, and it's a natural progression.Some people get confused as to what actually goes on in the whip, and how you get the bikeback, but when you do the whip correctly, the bike and the momentum of your bike, willactually bring you back around and straighten

you out before you hit the ground. The keything is to not obviously go above your ability level, or try to go you know, too far down,or just also making sure that you're on the right type of jump, to be able to whip iton. The key is in the approach to the jump, where you're actually almost leaning intoit, using the sidewalls of your tires to kind of bite as you take off the face of the jump,which will bring the bike actually flat as you leave the, as your tires leave the takeoffof the jump, and what momentum will do with it at that point, is just kind of carry itback around and then over. So, there's a point where if you actually still framed it, whereyou would be flat, kind of this way, and,

then as it comes around, you're going to beout more to where your tires are sideways from where you were taking off. And, thatwhole thing will carry through, and it'll sit your bike back up straight, as long asyou do it right. The key is just very, very small steps. Learning to do it kind of onreal small jumps, with maybe even a hip landing to where the takeoff would be straight toyou, but the landing or the downside where you're shooting for would be at an angle across,to where you could actually land on a, on a slope. You know, over to your left, if youcan whip to your left, or over to your right, if you were trying to do it to your right.That gives you a little bit more room for

a margin of error, to where you don't haveto bring your bike all the way back perfectly straight, then you could land on the sideslope and, it takes a little bit of the, little bit of the risk out of it. So, we're goingto do a couple and kind of show you a little bit more of the technique in practice. So,as you can see the whip is basically just a combination of taking off with the correctamount of lean, and then using your body positioning to help bring the bike around, depending onhow much you know, how far or how little you've got the bike out. The key is just to staywithin your ability level, start small and work up, and up, and up. And, make sure thatthe jump has, when you're leaning against

the jump, your front end especially, and yourrear tire is not going to break loose on the face, which would cause you to get kind ofspiraling too far, or it would make it very difficult to bring it back. So, stay withinyour ability level, use your body and your bike and let the momentum carry it acrossand you'll be whipping in no time. The whip is by far the most impressive looking trickand if you can master it, you will be the envy of all of your buddies. The importantthing as I said earlier is just to take it slow, analyze you know, the face of the jump,find the right jump that you feel comfortable on, begin to lean, you know, let the bikefollow through on the momentum and your body

position correct your, correct your trajectoryto get you back to straight. As you get this feeling and you do it repetitively, you'llbe able to go a little bit farther and a little bit farther, and it can stay completely incontrol. Like I said, the whip is a lot of fun, it's fun to do, its fun to watch andeverybody should go try one.

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