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How To Do Leap Ups Plyometric Exercise

Hey guys. Troy here with FormulatedFitness .Today I want to show you an advanced plyometric and lower body exercisecalled the Leap Up that will really challenge your entire body, but reallyhelp you build strong and explosive quadriceps and hamstrings and reallyhelp you burn fat as well. Let's get started. You're going to start in a normal standingposition, feet shoulder width apart. Basically, you're going to jump up,and you're going to explode and drive your knees up into the air. So it'ssimilar to a squat jump except

you're going to be driving your knees up intothe air at the top of the movement. Just like that. I'm going to show you from the side. Justlike that. Really work on driving your knees up in the air as high as you can. Thanks guys. This is Troy with FormulatedFitness. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great exercise tutorials.Thank you.

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