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The next thing that we're going to cover inour introductory lesson after we get done the stretching is going to be jump roping.Some of the boxers come in, and they know how to jump rope already and a lot of themdon't. A lot of them haven't jump roped since they were a kid, and that's fine. What welike to say is a good jump roper makes a good boxer, and a good boxer makes a good jumproper. So jump ropes come in all different styles and lengths, and thicknesses and textures.This one here happens to be what we call a 'speed rope'. It's a light nylon type thingwith some good ballbearing swivels. They've also got some heavier leather ones with somegood heavy weighted handles. But what I usually

tell people is, quot;If you've never jumped ropebefore.quot; I try to let them have a go at it. I can see them over in a corner and they'retrying their best and they're jumping really high and they're winging that thing over,and this and that, and I say, quot;Hold on, stop a minute. Give me that jump rope.quot; So theyhand me the jump rope and I say, quot;You know how to learn how to jump ropeé The best wayto learn how to jump rope, you take your jump rope and then you set it aside. Okayé Youjust set it off to the side. Make believe you have a jump rope.quot; What we're going todo is as you're making a believe jump roping, your wrists are going down, we're going tobend at the wrist. Don't bend with your full

arms, and don't jump up a foot off the ground,that's just torquing your body. It's just wasting a lot of energy. We're going to jumpan inch off the floor. We're just going to revolve our wrists a little bit. Just makebelieve you've got a jump rope, that's the best way to learn. You can practice on onefoot, on the other foot, but just make believe. Okayé Now Nick here is going to show us alittle bit on how he jump ropes. That's a knot in there. Okay. Well that's a good start.Next we'll start on hand wrapping.

Jump Rope Workout10 Minute Cardio Routine Tony Horton Fitness

Hello boys and girls and moms anddads and sisters and brothers it's your pal Tony Horton here onYouTube it's Tony Horton Fitness. Today we got a workout called Jump Pump. We are gonna jump some rope. We are gonna do it forten minutes straight. For some of you, hey it's gonnabe an awesome warmup. For others, it's gonna be a pumpy,very difficult, full on workout. We are gonna do five moves.

First five minutes. Then we are gonna repeat em.So here come my ten minutes. Two, three, four, five, six, seven,eight, nine, ten. Locked in. Here we go. Boom. I am gonna hook it up righthere so I can see it. Every precious second. Here is my rope of choice. Pick one that works for you.

First move is gonna be kicks. One minute. Ten and toy. Here we go three, two, one. On the clock. Like a walk in the park.Just kicking along. Only one foot on thefloor at a time. We are gonna be here for full minute.

Stay nice and relaxedin your shoulders. If you don't have a rope,you can fake it. But trust me man. This is something youwanna learn how to do. So breath relax. Make sure yourhands are in the right place. Kicking. Here is our first minute.30 seconds in. Nice and hard.

In those toes. I got simple single here. Merry had a little lamb.Her fleece was white as snow. Oh say can you…. So, six more seconds here. Three two here are singles. I like this becauseheart rate is cranking. It's a burn in my shoulders.

I missed. My first miss. Ok, let's all count first one. Back in the game. If you miss two so whaté Real world stuff. You get back in. So, as you can see I onmy balls of my feet. Heels never hit the ground.

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