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The first thing we'll do is go over the coursethat I started out with. To start out with we have simple ground poles in the placeswhere our jumps will eventually go. I set this line as an easy riding, three strideline, and it's about forty six feet. We can use these warming up cantering as well astrotting. Over here, we have a set of trotting poles set about four to four and one halffeet apart. This is a nice way to just set your horse up to working through a set ofobstacles. Over here, we have what will be just a basic jump, but right now it's justa ground pole. Once again, we wanted to start really small and allow our horses to workthrough each obstacle before we make it a


Fieldsports Britain How to shoot pigeons muntjac stalking episode 180

Music Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. And once againit is shouty man in a field. Coming up we are on a munty mission. Roy Lupton has gota nice buck lined up. But with captain camo behind the camera could it all end in tears. That will come out in the edit. We have our regulars, top gun dog trainingtips from Skinners, News Stump and Hunting YouTube. First, for the first time in 2013we are actually on the pigeons and we are with Andy Crow talking knock down power inthe first of our new series Crow How.

Music It's the first pigeon shooting outing of 2013 it's not through lack of trying but the weather and the seasons being all over theplace has meant that the birds and the Crow have been difficult to get in the same placeat the same time. Finally it's starting to happen, especially in this corner of the farmwhere the birds are flitting between winter rape, spring peas, and buds off the trees. What a lot of the pigeons are doing at themoment is they are still feeding on buds which they should be finished on now. From now onwardswe should be hopefully picking up some good

easy day's pigeon shooting. But it is notgoing to happen for a while because they are going to be on these buds and as soon as youstart shooting they are going to go away and sit in the ash trees, on the oak on the flowering,on the beeches and that and they are going to be on those. The winter rape at this end of the field hasstruggled in the bad weather, and the whole crop is behind, which means the plants aresmall enough for the pigeons to land for a munch. In a normal year, this field wouldbe a vibrant yellow with the plants too high for the birds to drop in to. Andy knows wherehe wants to be but that isn't always possible.

I have got a field of spring peas next door.They have started on those a bit. So it is really a bit of a draw to this corner. Theplace I want to shoot is a bit further down the hedge, but I don't know if David can showyou. We have got a telegraph pole and some wires going across. So we can't shoot whereI really want to shoot. So we are going to have to do second best go just here somewhere.It looks like the wires are close to us, but they are not they are 80 yards further downthe field. So we are just going to hope that we can draw the pigeons up the field to wherewe want them which is here. Andy has some new kit on test. A1 Decoys,Lincoln shotguns, Gamebore cartridges and

Jack Pyke clothing have asked Crow to useand abuse their products and see if they have the right crowdentials sorry! The Lincoln was fresh out of the box yesterdayand old Crow has done all right with it so far. The old Lincoln doesn't seem to be doing toobad. It is making me look good. I have had four shots, four kills so I am happy. Oh nosorry five shots, five kills so I am happy. It is going to take a bit of getting usedto. I am used to the safety catch being at the back of the trigger. On this one the safetycatch is on the top. Yes, apart from that

it is a good old thing and the gamebore, clearpigeons seem to be performing well as well. Andy has always emphasised the importanceof good cartridges for pigeon shooting, for that allimportant knockdown power. To try and explain a bit about what Crow wantsfrom a cartridge we need some visual aids and a glamorous assistant. . talking a bit about knock down performanceof cartridges and it is a difficult thing for people to grasp. It is a bit subjectivefor some people and they don't quite know what it means, but they know what the resultsare.

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