Plyometrics Jump Program

EDGE plyometric program

hey guys i'm going to show you ourplyometric training program that we're going to use to supplement the strengthtraining program that you're doing here at the gym this plyometric program really has twomain purposes first off to teach you how to use thatstrength that you gained here in an explosive manner this helps you move faster this helpsyou jump higher this helps you be more explosive more powerful when it comes totraining this is the cherry on the top

you'll see great results from thisand it's really important to do if you want to see your performance numbersyour jump numbers your agility numbers improve the second thing and probably the moreimportant thing is it's going to help prevent injuries that often occur at thebeginning of a season so often when athletes come off a summerof training they have their coach getting them back into twoadaypractices right away and all of a sudden you've got a huge amount of jumps a hugeamount of pounding on their joints that

they're just not used to having you canbe as strong as you want but strength training is different than actuallyplaying and so this plyometric program yeah it will help you perform better but it'salso going to help prep your body for some of that abuse that it's going totake in season this program like i said is forpeople who have been training strength is the foundation of allathleticism and if we're not strong enough we're not going to see great resultsfrom this program you might see some

results especially early on but you seethe best results if you spent the time becoming strong in the gym first thenthis program will teach you to use that strength in a really explosive powerfulmanner that said this isn't something you should betaking on in season if you're playing a lot you've got a lot of practice you'vegot a lot of games going on you're doing a bunch of jumping a bunchof running already throughout just your practices we don't want to use thisplyometric program to pile on more jumps and more pounding and more impacts onour joints because that will end up just

beating you up it so main purpose hereteaching you to use the strength that you already have in as fast of a manneras possible some of the main keys here are trainfast be fast this isn't the type of work outwhere you should be tired you should feel fresh and should feelpowerful even at the end of your set we'retraining the nervous system here we're not training the muscleswe're training the nervous system to be powerful to react quick to be explosive

so that said give yourself ample resttime in between sets you can give yourself up to three tofive minutes rest in between each set you'll probably want to go a littlefaster then that just timewise but don't feel the need to rush through ifyou're out of breath you need to slow down you need to relax so that we can be powerful so that we canmove fast during our training sets your first exercise is pretty simply repeatjumps we don't want to be on theground for a long time we want to be

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