Middle School High Jump Technique

Basic Cheerleading Techniques Tips How to Do Jumps Kicks in Cheerleading

Next, we're going to do our jumps and kicks.You're going to first start out by stretching. To do that, you're going to put your handson your knees, drop one shoulder. You're going to stretch that inside of that muscle so youdon't pull it. You're going to switch arms. Again, drop that left shoulder and stretchyour other leg. Now, we're going to go over the prep for our first jump, which is calledthe toe touch. To start that prep, you're going to do that same motion, the high V,which we did earlier. Your arms are going to go straight up in that tight position,big cinnamon rolls. You're going to go on your toes. That's count number one. We go1 on 2. You're going to drop down still on

your toes, bring your legs together, armsare crossed. On 3, you're going to do your jump, which we'll demonstrate in just oneminute. Okay, let's go over that one more time. On 1, you're up there. On 2, you'recrossed. 3 you jump. On 4, you're going to land with your arms by your side, and on 5you stand right up. Okay. Let's show that jump. Ready. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Everyone see thatéGood. Next, we're going to do our kick. To do our kicks, you're going to hit that highV again. See where those high V come in all the timeé High V. The counts for that, forour kicks are 5, 6, 7, 8, you prep just like that. Your left leg is going to right behindor right in front of your right leg and you're

going to kick on 1. Just like that. We'llgo over that one more time. 5, 6, 7, 8, 1. Okay. We usually do that and instead of 8counts so you really get all your legs stretched out and all of your muscles warmed up againto continue your cheerleading workout.

high jump technique slow motion

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