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Girl Scout cookies! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! We need to find a way to settle this. Good idea! Hmmmm, what about a competitioné Yeah, we need a good place to do it. Hmmmm Whoa!

Did you guys come here to playé Yeah! Well then, let's play! I can't believe I lost. That means I get the last cookie. Huhé Thanks for the good game.

Meet Amr from Egypt Global Winner EMEA 17 18 year olds

Amr: My name is Amr.I'm 18 years old. I come fromAlexandria, Egypt, and I'm currentlyin a gap year. My friends would sayI'm a little quirky, maybe sarcastic. I think they arepartially right. My family is a big family. I havea sevenyearold sister,

a sixteenyearold sister, and fourteenyearsoldbrother. I got my passion for learningfrom my family. They're my primarysupporting system. The idea of sendingan experiment to space is the most exciting thing thatI have ever heard in my life. I've always beenfascinated by science, because witha handful of equations,

I can explainthe world around me. It feels great to representall the Middle East, because Egypt's contributions to the fieldof space exploration has been minimal, so winningYouTube Space Lab will mean everything to me,to my family, and to peoplein the Middle East. speaking indistinctlyon tutorial

When the revolution startedin the 25th of January, 2011, it was a mixture of both times of hopeand frightening times. All the schools were closedfor about two or three months, so I had to study big partsof the curriculum on my own. That wasa very challenging time. I think, in the future, thingsare going to change a lot. I would like towork and put effort

to develop my countryand to see a change in my life. Competitions likeYouTube Space Lab will inspire millionsof people to explore and be curiousabout the world. If I'm one ofthe global winners, it's going to bea lifetime achievement. It's going to beout of this world.

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