Jumping Smash Training Badminton

By | December 22, 2016

Power Smash

Smash Hello, I am Lee thank you for coming I would like to show you in this tutorial about smash which is every body who plays badminton would like to do very well, many players want to have big smash and there are number of important elements in order to have big smash grip, posture, steps, body action all those things I will go through one by one

number 1 in order to make big smash the most important thing is the grip how to gripé depending on this grip, the power of smash will be different let's see how Robin is doing continue when I say stop, just freeze stop, stay, stay, stay, stay

just stay please if you see Robin's thumb his thumb is straighted in order to have big smash player must be able to hold the grip tighter and harder I don't think, this thumbs power is being used in his smash he could increase another 15% if he can use this thumb little bit more, which is little bit more round

which he is using his power for example, if he can use this thumb power then the other 4 fingers can be also used more if this finger straighted, not being used then the other 4 fingers also have not been used so now, I would like to ask Robin to go little bit round and this one go little bit higher yes

yeah something like that and then I want you to just try ok grip straight like this and change 10 degrees inside stop and then thumb goes round ok can you do that smash with that grip

now, can you go back to your grip straight one, thumb goes straighted what I normally found when people stretch their thumb more chances to slice it rather than have full power now change again change 10 degrees little more

Badminton Smash Skill 8 What and How to Practice to make Smash Powerful

My next point is how to improve your smash my answer is three practice, practice and practice this is good practice for players who is not sure how to use the wrist the players using shoulder to smash instead of writst remember the main power 8090% of power in smash is created by wrist, not arm, not shoulder so the wrist has to be used, to feel it this is empty badminton box, make like that

sit down in the chair, so nothing else has to be used. you have to use only wrist. ok set, left foot here right here like that come in front, so ready set not not arm it is wrist if you have a mirror, its better to face mirror if you don't have a mirror, use a window

so that you can see yourself so lets practice, set one set smash two three four twenty rest, relax

and then set one, like this what you have to do is really smash ready you have to imagine shuttle been hit set shuttle come left bang ready, do that twenty ten sets every day one two three four five six, two one two three four five six, three. do twenty, 10 sets ok watch this, James come practice

one two three four five ten ok ok now, you can do this way 10 stand still

set 10, ready go one you cant two three four now attack, ten ok, so he did stand still hit, to know timing and power

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