Jumping Rope Circuit Training

By | December 30, 2016

Jump Rope Circuit Training How to Jump Rope

We're doing a jump rope circuit and the firstthing you want to do is get your jump rope out. If you don't have a jump rope, you canmime as if you have one. In any circuit training, especially with the jump rope, we're goingto do three minute rounds. So you're going to do three minutes of jumping rope and thenwe'll do a minute of strength training. In this segment, we're going to do three minutesof jump rope. I'm just going to show you the basic movements of how to jump. Since we'rejust starting, you want to warm up and three minutes is ample time to warm up using yourjump rope. When you're jumping you want to stay on the balls of your feet. You want toput your feet together and you want to stay

on the balls of your feet when you're jumping.You want to just do a small jump, like so. You want to keep your jump nice and controlled,not jumping too high, and breathe. Always remember to breathe. We want to keep goingfor three minutes.

Jump Rope Circuit Training Lower Body Stretches for Jump Rope Circuit Training

Now we're going to stretch our lower body.We know that we've done a lot with the legs and the lower body, since we have been jumpingrope, so we want to make sure we get some good stretching in for our lower body. Let'sstart by stretching the whole back side of our legs. What we do is start with one footforward. We want to flex this foot. We want to sit into the other leg. Sit into it untilyou really feel the stretch along your hamstrings. I really feel the stretch. So I will keepbending down, and I will poke my butt outward as I'm bending down to really feel the stretch.So I'm going to hold the stretch for 1015 seconds, making sure that I breathe. ThenI'll switch. So, starting position: feet together,

opposite leg out and straight, the foot isflexed, the standing leg I'm going to bend and I'm going to poke out. Poke out my bottomand bend until I feel the stretch. When I feel it, I just stay still, breathe, and holdit. Now I'm going to do something similar for the calves. What I do is stick one legout, point the toe forward and up, flex, and I lean up into this leg until I feel it alongmy calves, keeping everything nice and straight. And I breathe. Make sure I'm breathing. Holdit for 1015 seconds. Then you want to do the same thing on the opposite side. Slightlylean into it until you really feel the stretch in the calf. Breathe, and hold it for 1015seconds. Next, with the quadriceps, I can

stand. If you have something, and you needto catch your balance, you can hold onto it. Otherwise, you can hold your arm out. Graspyour ankle, and then make sure this knee is pointing down. And hold this stretch 1015seconds. Now we're going to do thesame thing on the other side.

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