Jumping Cardio Routine

By | January 10, 2019

Jump Rope Workout10 Minute Cardio Routine Tony Horton Fitness

Hello boys and girls and moms anddads and sisters and brothers it's your pal Tony Horton here onYouTube it's Tony Horton Fitness. Today we got a workout called Jump Pump. We are gonna jump some rope. We are gonna do it forten minutes straight. For some of you, hey it's gonnabe an awesome warmup. For others, it's gonna be a pumpy,very difficult, full on workout. We are gonna do five moves.

First five minutes. Then we are gonna repeat em.So here come my ten minutes. Two, three, four, five, six, seven,eight, nine, ten. Locked in. Here we go. Boom. I am gonna hook it up righthere so I can see it. Every precious second. Here is my rope of choice. Pick one that works for you.

First move is gonna be kicks. One minute. Ten and toy. Here we go three, two, one. On the clock. Like a walk in the park.Just kicking along. Only one foot on thefloor at a time. We are gonna be here for full minute.

Stay nice and relaxedin your shoulders. If you don't have a rope,you can fake it. But trust me man. This is something youwanna learn how to do. So breath relax. Make sure yourhands are in the right place. Kicking. Here is our first minute.30 seconds in. Nice and hard.

In those toes. I got simple single here. Merry had a little lamb.Her fleece was white as snow. Oh say can you…. So, six more seconds here. Three two here are singles. I like this becauseheart rate is cranking. It's a burn in my shoulders.

I missed. My first miss. Ok, let's all count first one. Back in the game. If you miss two so whaté Real world stuff. You get back in. So, as you can see I onmy balls of my feet. Heels never hit the ground.


hello it's tracy and welcome back to mychannel and today we have a great workout in the summer sweat series so first of all if you're not subscribedto my channel make sure to press on that red button below and subscribe becauseyou get new tutorials every single thursday so today you're in first super supertreat we're going to do six movements sixminutes and it's all completely low impact and whyé because you've requestedit so let's work out. OK so let's getstarted we're going to start off with knee

ups so you can use this as a warmup butyou definitely you see I'm doing this with a lot of speed and you should betoo so for an entire minute we're doingthese knee ups ok get those arms going you should kindof be flailing those arms around a little bit crazily but that's the wholepoint here pulling in your belly good I can't believe how much you allhave requested these low impact workout so I'm happy to oblige and if you have a workout that you wantto see make sure to just leave it below

in the comments pulling in the belly keep the shouldersdown ABS nice and tight strong here a few more seconds like this good so next step we're going to do iswe're going to go into step Jacks so it's as though we were going to do jumpingjacks but you're not going to be jumping at all you're just going to be steppingout good all right and here we have so step out and step out good

that's it you will see i don't know ifyou can hear it but already I can feel my heart rate is like whoa starting to get up there good nice stepout now I tend to do things fast it's just who I am but you if you needto go a little bit slower that's okay you can all right you can take this down alittle bit in the pace that's completely fine good couple more seconds here

good keep going that's it excellent good feeling your heart rate come up youshould be this is the summertime sweat yes yes yes about 10 more seconds we can do it goodthat's it you got it step it up next up a littlepunch is ok don't make fun of my punches just kindof leaning out to the side again here try and go as fast as you can whileyou're punching hear me huffing and puffing

you should be too again my speed is myspeed if you need to go a little slowercompletely okay just make sure you're doing these punches that you keep thoseshoulders down your back here and you see I'm also doing this little kind oflean side to side with my rib that's just to get a little bit more ab workoblique work happening here good it's fun right and easy on the joints that's what we want here. Keep on breathing good that's right that's about 10 moreseconds

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