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MC MikeNenu vesukunna shirt macha Nice Nice Nenu vesukunna pant macha Nice Nice Nenu thodukkunna shoes macha Oh Alright Petukunna hairstyle macha FB macha

Pics macha Comments macha Likes macha 100 macha Pilla macha padindhi macha rapchik Sunny AustinFacebook lo ek pori mokamu choosanu Twitter lo tweet chesi deggarai poyanu

Whatsapp lo thanaki text nenu chesanu Chichha ee pori superooo Daanni Choodagane gadbad na gundellona dhad dhad Na heart ni tune chesi bass treble set chesi Mix fruit juice chesi pindi pindi vadilesi Thurrumani hand ichhe roooo Oh yeah

oh macha oh macha c'mon yeah Oh yeah oh macha oh macha oh macha Oh yeah oh macha oh macha c'mon yeah

Oh yeah oh macha oh macha Nenu MC Mike macha Nenante fadu macha Desi hip hop macha Set on some fire macha FB to WeChat

na Viber, na Whatsapp Texting talking thinking macha Time antha waste macha MC UneekSlip in a like my way Slightly divert my way Me, MC Mike, Omie bring in that fire shawty Me and you baby girl Manamante crazy girl

Barbie Bedtime Battle

Barbie Bedtime Battle (Bark) (Bark) You can't catch me! (Bark) Ok, you win… (Bark) Alright Chelsea,

it's time for you to go to bed now Ohh, five more minutesé No Chelsea… not this time You do this every night But. No! You've got school tomorrow and for once you'regoing to bed at a reasonable hour!

Hmmmph! Not fair! My friends all stay up late Yipeee! Woo hooo! Chelsea! Alright, alright! (Brushing teeth)

(Humming) Is it too late now to say sorryé Yeah I know that I let you down, is it too late to say I'm sorry nowé Ooooooooooo ooo, oooooooo ooo! Chelsea! Alright, alright! I'm ready for bed now!

Finally! That only took twenty minutes! Hop into bed and. Why do you have a booké So you can read it to me Sorry Sis Not tonight I'm too busy

I haven't even washed the dishes yet! No booké Maybe tomorrow. I'll be in to say goodnight in a few minutes Sorry Chelsea, I took a bit longer to. Chelseaé Chelsea! Chelsea! What are you.

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