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Best Towns for Families Elmhurst Illinois

After searching the country for perfect placesto call home, Family Circle chose these communities for their stellar schools, affordable housing,and giving spirit. Elmhurst, Illinois. This town has a pedestrian friendly downtown that'sperfect for strolling. And couples and families can catch $1 summer movies at the York Theater.They can also hang out at the town library, which has a coffee bar and a teens only loungewhere kids can crash on sofas and browse books for hours. The school districts have rigorousstandards. Their SAT and ACT scores are well above state averages and there's a robustarts program. In Elmhurst there are plenty of ways to step up. Since it began in 2013the local chapter of 100 Plus Women Who Care,

a 142 member giving circle, has donated $40,000to various charities, including the Elmhurst WalkIn Ministry for families in crisis, andthe Northern Illinois Food Bank's backpack program for hungry kids.

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