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What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . Today it's all about power and how powerfulare youé I can tell you this right now, if you are not carving out a section of yourtraining to become more powerful then you will not be powerful because you have to trainfor power. Power is not just being strong, it's being able to exert that strength quickly. We could do that and we could train for that,but you have to be sure that you are. Today I want to show you a few ways to do that andI'm talking about jumping higher, running faster, punching harder, pushing faster, orharder; it's all about power and if you don't

do it, guys, you won't get it. So how do we know how to train for poweréI know that all of you do know about power because if I were to ask you to try to throwa baseball as far as you can, or better yet ask a young kid to throw a baseball as faras they can. What do they instinctively doé They instinctively bring their arm up here. They don't try to throw from here or dothis. No one does that. They all bring their arm up to throw and they may not look allthat pretty because they may not have the coordination yet, but they've got the instinctivepart right. That is in order to get the ball

to get as far as you want it to go you haveto know how to prestretch the muscles that are actually going to be involved in actuallythrowing it. So, by doing this I've stretched my tricepsout, which is going to extend as part of the throw. I've also brought the arm up. I didn'tjust do it down here and throw it. I brought it up so I get the long head of the tricepson a stretch as well. I've got the forearm flexors stretched by bending the wrists back.You don't have to tell them that. They don't do that. They do this. You also have the rotatorcuff on stretch. You have the torso on stretch by turning backand rotating. The same thing can happen with

a jump. You don't try to jump from flat feet.What you do is you try to bend at the knees, lean over at the waist, stretch the low back,and stretch the glutes; that's how you instinctively know power. But you've got to train for itin order to bring it out fully. So what can we doé Well, if you want to run faster I'vegot an exercise here for you. It's called the Sprinter's Hang Clean. Whatyou do is you get into a split stance position, on leg in front of the other as if you'realmost ready to come out of the starter's block. You're going to sprint. That firststep is so important. The acceleration out of the box is critical. You can train yourselfto become a lot faster and more powerful in

that position by doing this exercise. You're going to bring the hands up as fastas you can in a clean, switch your feet get your feet where you get to a squared off stance,then drop your other foot right back and sprint. So you're trying to train yourself to be veryexplosive on your first move. This, you don't need a heavy waist for. As a matter of fact,you don't train these movements to failure. You're training for power and precision. It's not about going to failure because whathappens then is you break down your form. So you want to know, not just what exercisesdo, but how to train them. Now we can get

you to jump higher. The same thing here applies.We're going to use this, not just a completely vertical jump displacement, but a broad jump;a horizontal jump displacement. We're still going to get components of vertical and horizontalby doing this. So you still get back in this hang clean positionand now as you clean you jump forward. You want to be able to time that landing withthe timing of the end of the clean where they get up into the rack position with the dumbbells.You keep trying to get faster at the clean and more precise and farther with your jump.Be powerful. Again, don't train these to failure, to where your form breaks down.

How to Jump Higher by Increasing Starting Speed Exercises to Instantly Improve How High you Jump

What's up guysé I just finished a workouttoday and what I focused on today was increasing my jumping speed. Or, increasing the abilityat which I start my movement; which in large degree is part of my central nervous systemand part of my plyometric ability. You see, the faster you can start a movement, the fasteryou can end it. The ending velocity that you take off with determines your vertical leap.OK guys, the first exercise I want to show you is a tuck jump. The reason I like thisone is a couple of reasons. When you jump up into the air and bring your knees up, thesubsequent landing has more impact because your legs are coming down the same time yourbody is coming down. It forces your legs to

react more explosively. What i focus on isgetting a high, well, first off, a low ground contact time. This particular exercise, I'mnot focusing as much on jump height as I am getting off the ground faster because we aretrying to improve our starting jump. These are single leg jump ropes. So you are basicallydoing; you can do quot;single undersquot; or quot;double undersquot;. This will help you to reduce theamount of time you are on the ground using one foot. So that will help you increase yourexplosive starting speed of your vertical leap. Stand on a lower box and jump backwardsand spring back into it. So your entire focus hear is springing back off the ground ontothe box. You should start with a low box at

first, because again, you are really focuseson jumping back up and exploding off of the ground. So guys, I just wanted to show youa couple of exercises that I like to do to increase the starting impulse that I givemy muscles. It really is going to help you to increase how quickly you start your jumpingmotion. I particularly like the single leg jump roping, because you will find it quitechallenging, and then once it gets easier, you will find, you will know that you areimproving. You'll also feel lighter and more explosive on your feet. So really the wholegoal is to have some real marker of progress in your explosive starting impulse for yourvertical leap. If you have questions, let

me know. I hope you enjoyed this. I will talkto you soon.

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