Increase Vertical Jump Rope

By | December 4, 2016

Exercising Tips How to Jump Rope Like a Boxer

Hi, I'm Ken Kashabura, personal trainer andfreelance fitness writer, and this is how to jump rope like a boxer. Whenever you'rejumping rope, you want to always, again, start off slow. You want to warm up. You can't'renot going to go straight into doing the double jumps right away. So what you're going todo, is, you're going to start off doing some double skips, okayé So that's two skips inbetween every time the rope comes through. You're going to do that for a minute, thenyou're going to jump through, and you're going to jump one for one, all righté Then whenyou get done with that, you can start doing on one leg. So do about ten or so.ten ormore on your left. Ten or more on your right.

Then you can alternate. And then, once youget good at it, you can go fast. You can do the crosses. And you can jump higher to beable to do the double jumps. Now, a way to, you know, besides obvious reasons of not gettingtripped up on the rope, how you can judge to see if you're getting better, is if'regoing to do these in timed rounds, so you want to jump rope for, say, two or three minutes.You want to see how many skips you can get in in those two or three minutes to measureyour progress. I'm Ken Kashabura, and that's how to jump rope like a boxer.

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