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By | December 23, 2016

Fitness Training Basics How to Increase Your Bench Max

Hi my name is Mike Quebec and today's subjectis how to increase your bench max. So you have been exercising for awhile, you've beendoing your bench presses with a certain amount of weight and it's become very, very easy,almost effortless. So now is the time to increase your bench max. It's a good idea to do itin a reasonably low increments for safety. And of course if you have a partner that'sdefinitely recommended for spotting. So I've got two twenty five pound weights on thisbar so, I want to increase it a little bit. I'm going to add ten pounds on each side.So I'm going to take my two ten pound weights and put them on. Now here is the basic strategy,at the weight before the new weights were

on I can do twelve easily so now I'm goingto attempt to do twelve with the added weight. Of course I'm going to do it with a partnerspotting me. However, much I can handle with that, that will be my, that will be my exerciseroutine for the next couple of weeks. And then as I can increase more, let's say Ican handle five, I shoot for twelve but I can handle five. Ok five at this weight andthen the following week or the following two weeks I'll go for six until I can build upto twelve reps. When I can do twelve reps at this weight, relatively easy, then I'mgoing to go ahead and increase it in the same amount of increments. Now we've increasedthe weight, so, and I have a partner for safety

purposes standing right behind me ready tospot. So I'm going to attempt to do twelve at the heavier weight and if I do twelve great,if I do twelve and it's too easy we increase the weight. If I do twelve and it's just barelyable to do it you keep it there. Or if I do, I can't make twelve and I can only do fiveor six, we keep it at that weight and we keep it at six reps for a couple of weeks. Andthen we increase the number of reps, repetitions. Until I can reach twelve. So I'm going togo ahead and do this. My partner big is got his hands right in between, right in the middleof the bar, I should say right in the middle of the bar. I've got my hands at shoulderwidth. We're both going to count to three,

one, two, three and then we both lift at thesame time, he's right there until I'm sure that I've got it. I take a deep breath inand I breathe out. Remember it's up and slightly back. Up and slightly back, up and slightlyback and then he's got it back at whatever number of reps that would be. And we guideit back to the rack safely. Whatever number reps that will be, that's where I'm goingto gage my exercise routine for the next couple of weeks until I can safely and easily performthe exercise, perform the bench press at this new weight before I can increase it. And thatis how you up your bench press weights or your bench max.

Monkey Vault Kong Vault Tutorial IQParkour Official Inspirational Quotes Parkour

Monkey Vault and Kong Vault Tutorial | IQParkour (Inspirational Quote ) The following is a tutorial of the monkeyvault and the kong vault. The most difficult part of a successful monkey vault is the 3bends. You must be able to scrunch yourself into a tiny ball. It's important to get as small as possible so that your toes don't snag the obstacleyou're jumping Notice that I'm able to make myself supertiny at the top before carrying my feet over the wall. The width you want is a little bit wider thanshoulder width.

If you go to wide you'll make the space foryour feet to come through too short and you'll snag your toes.If you go to thin you won't be able to fit. Just more than shoulder width should be theperfect distance. Recognize that the action is all in the shoulders.Which means you need to be able to lift your entire bodyand be able to hold yourself as you glide forward over the bench. I recommend doingthis drill to get comfortable holding your whole body up.Notice that my feet are above my head, that helps later when we transition from a monkey vaultto a kong vault.

This next drill is to get you comfortablejumping on to your hands. Start off with a hand stand.Then get comfortable diving into a handstand. Diving is critical when we make the transitionfrom monkey vault to kong vault. You need to feel safe diving to your handswith your feet over your head. Finally get comfortable doing that dive ontoyour wall or object you're vaulting. Practice arching your back and getting yourfeet higher than your head. You won't do this arching with the monkeyvault but you will with the kong vault. Now notice here the difference between a monkeyvault and a kong vault.

The monkey vault is a much slower move. Inthe monkey vault your hands touch the object before your feet leave the groundIn a kong vault your feet must leave first. So to make the transition to the kong vaultyou'll want to practice jumping onto your object.Once you have all the pieces and can already do the monkey vault try jumping first andthen touching your obstacle and doing a kong vault.Then practice jumping from farther and farther back.You'll notice that the farther back you jump from the more you look like a mountain lionpouncing and less like a monkey.

This more committed jump looks a lot coolerand can be done a lot faster and is therefore more efficientwhich is the primary goal in parkour. Finally, you'll notice that the kong vaultis actually easier to do than a monkey vault. But, it helps to learn the monkey first sothat jumping into a kong isn't scary or dangerous. It's important to train your muscles to firstbe comfortable with the movement. (Inspirational Quote).

Chest Triceps Calves Workout Jim Stoppanis 12Week Shortcut To Size

♪♪♪ All right, it'stime to get serious. I'm gonna take you throughthe chest, triceps, and calves workout from Phase One,Microcycle One, so it's gonna be 12to15 reps per set. Now remember, differentmicrocycles, you're gonna be changing up the reps, andthrough different phases, you're also gonna change up some of theexercises, so always check the

workouts on the page below. Now, let's get into ourfirst exercise, the bench press. ♪♪♪ So again, our firstexercise is the bench press. Now, I typically recommend youdo your warmup sets just on the first exercise. Once you've warmed up thatmuscle group, that's no real point in doing warmup sets.

It'll only zap your strength. I like to keep my warmup setsfairly light, and I like to do the exercise fairlyquick with explosive reps. That way, you're also warmingup those fast twitch muscle fibers, which you're gonnaneed to maximize your muscle strength. Another tip I recommendis listening to your favorite music.

One study I did with a readerresearch group found that when trained bodybuilders listenedto their preferred music during workouts, they weresignificantly stronger on all sets of the exercises. Also, be sure you've eitherhad your preworkout shake, or you have your shake with you. One trick that I like to do iscombine all my preworkout and postworkout ingredientsinto one huge shaker cup.

I drink a little bit before theworkout, and then I sip on it throughout the workout, andthen I pound the remaining, about third to half rightas the workout's over, and that's also when I takemy fastdigesting carbs. Now, during Microcycle Onewhen you're doing 12 to 15 reps per set, the weights you'reusing are fairly light, so one warmup set should suffice. As you go through themicrocycles and the weight gets

heavier, you're gonna need a fewmore warmups to get you at your workout weight. You'll want to give yourselfabout 2 to 3 minutes of rest from your first warmup setto your actual working set. Now let's get intoour first working set. The first exercise for eachmuscle group is the one you're gonna use to mark your strengththroughout the entire 12week program.

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