How To Long Jump Mario 3d

By | December 8, 2016

Review Super Mario 3D Land

And on top of that,I'm yawning!! I don't know where we're goingwith this tutorial, but we're going straight in! Hi everybody,it's Hooper. Today, as you saw,I review the latest Mario. Super Mario 3D Land. It's on 3DS and it was releasedlast November in 2011. Please take notethis is voice over. This is adelayed tutorial.

For a few days I've been hesitatingbetween direct recording and voice over. But I had to surrender.If I want to make a proper tutorial. .If I want to explain everythingI want, I have no other choice. I have to recordin voice over! On the other hand, it bothers mea bit because it's a Mario. A Mario game is a platformer,the basis is the gameplay. The best way to review gameplayis by recording it live. You know, we show themovements while speaking.

That's why it bothers meto record in voice over. I've thought a lot before doing it.Imagine if I had to record live. Well I can speak while playing,it would not be difficult. You must knowthis Mario is relatively easy. But the big issue, I should havebeen careful to frame the 3DS screen. Place myself in front of thecamera and not to move! In the end, I would have focused moreon that than. what I wanted to say. Which is quite stupidafter consideration.

In addition, it's really late. HoweverI really wanted to make this tutorial! Today is the last day.I've been waiting for too long. Now I haveno other choice. It's 2 am, I know it'sno excuse but. It's amazing! I'm exhausted, I know it's no excuse.And you have every reason to blame me. That's why I don't know wherewe're going in this tutorial. Of course, I have a notepadwith all my key words!

But I warn you, I'm inan altered state of mind. It's going to besome freestyle. I know what we're riding on,I know what I want to say. I say freestyle becauseI'm not in my former self. Not in my former self.I should be sleeping! It's strange.It's a strange tutorial. First thingI want to talk about. This Super Mario 3DLand. little reference.

You have understood it.You have seen ité!é You have. Err no.Not understood. Well youhave noticed! It's an obvious referenceto the Mario Lands on Game Boy! Wario Land,thereafter. They took overthe word 'Land'. Also let's mention that twomajor 3DS games just came out! Of course there's Super Mario 3DLand, but also Mario Kart 7!

Super Mario 3D World Trick Easily Beat All Levels as All 5 Characters Guide Walkthrough Wii U

So we've already shown you how to get the5 Final Stamps in Super Mario 3D World, which requires that you complete every level asall 5 characters. Which potentially means completing every level 5 times each if you'replaying by yourself. Yeah, it's quite the daunting task.But we found a trick to make it waaay easier. Now, of course, the simplestand funnestway is to play with friends . As long as you all grab onto the flagpole at the end, you'llget credit for each of those characters completing the level. Which means if you're playing withat least 3people total, you'll only have to play every level twice in order to finishit with all 5characters.

But that's the thinghow many of us actuallyhave 2 or more friends willing to go through the entire game onceor maybe even twiceéI'd wager not many of us. Luckily , you don't need any stinking' friendsto make the process easierall you need are some extra controllerseither Wii Remotesor Wii U Pro Controllers will work. Okay, so you probably already know where I'mgoing with thisbut there's actually a little bit more to it than you might think.Now as I mentioned before, the only thing that matters is that all the characters touchthe Flagpole at the end of the level. But how do you get them all to the flagpoleéAfter all, you can't really control all four

at once.Well, one way is to have all but one of the characters become a bubble and follow youaroundbut even this isn't that great of a method as they can get in the way and youmight accidentally pop them early. It can cost you a lot of lives and it's pretty annoyingInstead, it's a much smarter idea to begin every level as just a single character. Nowif you already have other characters in the gameas you likely will between levelssimplylog each of them out by Pressing pause on the World Map using their controller, thenpressing the Minusbutton. Once you're by yourself, enter the level andwork your way to the flagpole at the endbut

don't grab it. Instead, login the other charactersusing your extra controllers by tapping the jump button twice on each one. And of course,make sure you select characters that haven't already completed the level.Now all you have to do is have all four of them grab hold of the Flag Polebut the catchis that you have to do is quickly, as you'll only have a second or two once the first charactergrabs onto it before the level ends. And since you might have four controllersto deal with, you simply don't have enough time to switch between them and manually haveeach character hop on. So here's what you want to do. Take turnscontrolling each of the characters and position

all four of them a as close to the flagpoleas possible, with two characters in the front and two in the back.But do not put any characters on the sides, as the trick may not work then. So again,so make sure the characters positioned in pairs of two, with one set in front of theflagpole, and the other one behind it, with the flagpole itself running between each setNow here's the cool part. If you've positioned the characters correctly, they'll be pulledright to the flagpole during a jump without you having to move them at all.But time is still of the essence! So you'll want to have the characters jump in pairsof 2and continue to hold both jump buttons

until the character latches onto the pole.As soon as they have, quickly do it for the other two characters.Now I should mention that it doesn't matter which 2characters jump firstany two willwork If you did it right, you should have successfullycompleted the level with 4characters at once, all by yourself! Pretty cool, huhéIf you use this trick in every level, you can cut down the amount of times you haveto complete every level to just 2. That's quite a bit better than 5 rightéThanks for watching and stay tuned to GameXplain for more Super Mario 3D World tutorial guidesand other things gaming too.

Super Mario 3D World How to Get Maximum Lives Trick

This is a guide to how to get maximum lives, unlimited lives, or infinite lives in Super Mario 3D World It's really it's right at World 12 What you are going to do it go down the pipe. and climb up the wall or go through the pipe which every one you prefer. Work your way around and get to the bottom level by smashing through. There you go. Then you grab the Koopa shell and go into this little tunnel. Throw it against the wall and you are going to start jumping on it.

As you can see you can get a lot of one ups and I speed up the tutorial so you don't have to sit here for a couple minutes watching get maximum lives. it may take a couple tries. no problem, it takes a little bit getting used to. it slips out of your hand or go somewhere else like the other room it happens. Just keep trying. You can get a maximum of 1,100 lives which will come in handy a lot especially as you get to the harder levels.

If you are playing with friends it's definitely a bonus you don't have to wait and keep trying to get lives. And have game over in an instant It's very helpful and multiplayer is amazing Thanks for watching, Like, Favorite, Subscribe. We have a bunch of other tutorials to watch, Hidden Character, Secret Luigi Game, Secret Warp Pipes, and All Green Stars and Stamps Guide.

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