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By | December 26, 2016

KZ Guides Ladder Jumps

Ladder JumpsA ladder jump or LAJ is when you strafe off a ladder onto a block away from it. This isthe type of jump that the majority of KZ'ers struggle with the most. There are two methodsused in ladder jumps: backwards and forwardsoff to the side. Although many KZ'ers considerthe forwards method to be the “correct� technique, some KZ'ers find doing laddersbackwards to be easier. Before approaching ladder jumps, let's talka little bit about the takeoff from a ladder. First, let's look at fast climbing. Fastclimbing a ladder is when you ride a ladder upwards using A+W (not the root beer), orA+D while looking up in order to climb a ladder

faster. You could think about this as theprestrafing of ladders. If you notice, you can also come off the ladder while fastclimbing.Ladder jumps are achieved by abusing the momentum from fast climbing into a smooth takeoff andair strafe from the ladder. You can also use ‘sideways momentum' to come off a ladder.To do so, climb the ladder normally using W, and when you're near the top, hold W+Aor W+D briefly until you come off the ladder. You will see why this is useful in a minute. Backwards ladder: To perform an LAJ backwards,line up towards the side of the ladder, and then face backwards. Begin riding up the ladderusing S. As you approach the very top of the

ladder, hold S and D to gain speed, and beginto strafe towards the right in a 180 motion. As soon as you come off the ladder, releaseS, holding D to strafe towards the block. Strafe back towards the left to ensure a straighterair strafe, and hold crouch to ensure that you'll land on the block. You can do LAJ'sthe other way using S and A. To recap: You are essentially strafing off of the ladderinto your normal air strafing. Forwards Ladder: To perform a ladder forwards,line up much the same as you would for a backwards ladder, except face towards the ladder. Fastclimb up the ladder using W and D, and as you reach the top, face away from the ladderto “ride� off of it. The angle at which

to face away is a little bit more than parallelto the ladder. Note that you are still holding W and D as you do this. When you come offthe ladder, transition into your air strafe using only D and A. This will take a lot ofpractice and learning when you're coming off the ladder. Sideways Ladder: A sideways ladder is a techniqueto use the sideways momentum from a ladder to launch yourself forwards. Line up aroundthe same as any other ladder jump. I'd recommend near the side. Just hold W to climb up theladder, and as you reach the top, hold A to begin to launch off the side of the ladder.As you start to come off the ladder, release

W, make a small strafe to the left, and thentransition into a right strafe. You should find yourself going forwards. Performing a ladder jump where the block ison the opposite side of the ladder: Fast climb up the ladder, and when you're at the top,release W, and begin your air strafe. The trick for these jumps is all in the timingof when to stop fast climbing, and begin your air strafing. You now understand what a ladder jump is.You may not understand it, but you know what it is.

KZ Guides Air Strafing

Air Strafing Air strafing, often referred to as simplystrafing, is one of the core movement mechanics in Counter Strike. Air strafing allows youto fully control your movement midair while gaining speed in the process. In fact, itis actually impossible to turn your character midair without utilizing some form of strafing. To airstrafe, synchronize your mouse movementwith your keyboard movement. For example, to strafe left, hold the A key on your keyboardand move your mouse towards the left. To strafe right, hold the D key and move your mousetowards the right. It is vital to let go of

the W key while strafing. If done properly,you should turn while midair to your strafe direction while gaining some speed. Also,it is wise not to strafe while ducked as your max turn speed decreases when holding duck. Your keyboard strafe key should be held downfor the entire duration of the strafe. However, how far you turn while strafing is controlledby your mouse movements. The more you move your mouse in one direction, while holdingthe proper strafe key, the more you will turn. Strafing is the foundation of another importantKZ element: long jumps. Since strafing increases your speed while midair, that equates to anoverall farther jump distance. However, a

single strafe takes you to another directionthat is often unintended in a longjump. This is remedied by strafing back and forth inopposite directions to counteract the unintended direction, while gaining even more speed witheach strafe. To perform a basic longjump, run forward untilyou reach a velocity of 250 units per second (us). This is the maximum velocity for running.Next, release your W key, jump, and start holding your D key while smoothly slidingyour mouse a little towards the right. Halfway through the jump, release the D key and startholding the A key while moving your mouse a little towards the left. This is a longjumpwith two strafes, and the jump distance is

greater if done correctly. There are many factors that influence thedistance of a longjump. The most important is your sync percentage. Your sync percentageis how well you synchronize the timing of your keyboard presses and the movement ofyour mouse. The better your sync is when jumping, the farther and more precise yourjumps will be. Another factor is the number of strafes. You'reprobably wondering if more strafes equate to a better jump. Well, the answer is yesand no. More strafes CAN equate to a farther long jump, but ONLY IF your sync percentageis consistently high throughout the jump.

A third factor that can influence the distanceof your longjumps is the angle of your strafes. Strafing too wide can cause you to lose distanceas you aren't going enough in the right direction. Strafing too little can also bea problem as you don't gain enough speed per strafe. It is recommended to experimentand to find a good “sweet spot� or angle that works for you and your number of strafes. Crouching before landing also helps to improveyour distance in longjumping. It increases your height and gives you a bit more airtime,resulting in a greater distance. To perform an even farther jump, the KZTimerPlugin implements a mechanic called prestrafe.

Prestrafing is a running technique performedbefore a jump that allows you to move beyond 250us velocity. This is a simple prestrafe: For this demonstration,we will be looking left, and prestrafing to the right. Press D and W while slowly movingyour mouse to the right. If you do this correctly, you'll notice that your velocity exceeds250us. The idea is to reach 276us, as this is the maximum prestrafe velocity, rightbefore you perform the jump. Before finally jumping, release your W key, start to mergeyour prestrafe direction key into an airstrafe. The smoother the transition, the better theprestrafe.

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