How To Jump Really High Like A Ninja

By | September 8, 2017

TF2 Advanced Rocket Jumping Tutorial

Hey guys, how are you all doingé My name is Nate, and today I'm here with an advanced rocket jumping tutorial. This is the second part of a rocket jumping tutorial, So if you haven't seen the basics part you should go check it out here. This little tutorial, Right here, See ité Go check it out.

And if you have seen it, Good for you! Today we're gonna be covering all of the advance stuff to rocket jumping Such as speedpogoing, surfing up ramps, and syncing and all of that Let me tell you, the advance part of rocket jumping is so much more fun than the basics. Your mobility is increased, you can fly around the map, and you can do all sorts of crazy insane tricks and stuff. So hopefully you can get something from this tutorial, so that one day you can be a professional rocket jumper! So first off we're gonna start with the speedpogoing.

This is kind of like normal pogoing where you just hop up and down on the ground, But this time we're gonna add a lot of speed to it. And this is probably what you're going to use the most when you rocket jump Now when you're in a pogo, you're basically just looking straight down at the ground and holding down the fire button of course, But when you're speedpogoing there's a whole lot more to it. The timing is a lot different, and you're going to be aiming in different places so that you can keep your speed the whole time. Now when you start of with a normal pogo, you're just going to be looking straight down at the ground,

but once you start gaining speed, with every jump you're going to have to look slightly more upward. And as you can see when we get really fast, we're going to be aiming a lot higher than just straight down Because when you're moving forward, you need your rocket to catch up with you. If you look straight down, your rocket's going to land far behind you and you won't be able to fly forward. So really if you just practice this, you can get the hang of it really quickly. I would suggest before starting a pogo that you aim a bit behind yourself, so that you can give yourself a lot more speed. This sets you up for the other jumps, and you can go really fast really quickly.

The way I like to pogo is to just shoot off of a wall and immediately follow that up with a speedpogo. Now like I said before there's going to be a lot of timing when you do this as well. Because you're not only going to be using pogo on flat surfaces, you're going to be doing it up hills and stuff like that. So you'll have to get the hang of shooting the rocket and knowing when it's gonna land Now pogos are going to be especially useful when you want to get to the front of the line quickly. And you can basically keep all of your speed up in the air, and it's a whole lot faster than just walking everywhere.

Now figuring out where to aim is kind of hard to explain. It's sort of one of those things where you have to practice over and over, and you'll sort of get the hang of it, like you'll mess up and you'll be like, quot;Oh, I should probably aim a little bit more behind myself that time,quot; and then you do it and it works, and then you're like quot;Oh, maybe next time I should aim a little bit higher.quot; So it really just comes down to practicing it and trying it for yourself, and then you'll really understand how it works.

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