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HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR WEAK HAND DRIBBLING How to Dribble a Basketball Shot Science

I have two arms… but I'm a OneHanded Wonder Hey Team Shot Science! Coach Tom here today and I want to talk to you about developing your Off or Weak Hand for ball handling. Because unless you're dribbling in circles, you need to bring in that other hand. So I'll give you a quick rundown on what you have to do to improve your off hand and then I'll send you off to a couple of drills you can use to get started. So stick around till the end! Okay, here's the bottom line.

If you want to advane to higher levels of basketball you need to advance your level of play. and the essential ingredient towards reaching that goal is to have ambidextrous ball handling skills. Being able to go either way with your dribble will open up so many more doors simply because you've at least doubled the options available to your attack. When you rely just on one hand to carry you through your game you not only limit your options to put the ball on the floor, but you make yourself vulnerable to the defense overplaying your strong side,

exploiting your weaknesses, and completely taking you out of the game. And the truth is that a handicap like this is 100 0x1.044b00001d79p166voidable if you put in the necessary work to develop both hands to an equal ability. So here's what you have to do to get there! First, you need to get thousands of repetitions in to innervate and build your mindmuscle connections. Over time, the constant repetitions will develop your muscle memory to the point where you won't even have to think about what you're doing. It'll just be in your fingertips.

Second, you have to realize that your offhand is going to feel a lot less comfortable doing anything when you first start working with it. It's going to feel weak and clumsy and you'll probably feel like it's a lost cause. But that's how everyone feels at first. You just have to spend considerable extra time working on that hand to bring it up to the ability of your strong hand. If you allow yourself to get frustrated and quit then there's nothing we can do to help you because the final point we have for you is.

You're going to have to work hard on this if you want to make progress. There are no tricks or secret tips for building up your off hand. But we can assure you, if you put in the work and the time you'll reach your goal and be a much more formidable offensive threat. Don't let your weak hand hold you back! Alright, make sure you stick around for the dribble drills at the end. but you can also check out our tips and tutorials right down here. And if you want more help with your dribbling, you can click on our quot;Dribbling 101quot; tutorial right over here.

It would also be awesome if you could take a second to quot;Likequot; and quot;Favoritequot; this tutorial and while you're down there, answers today's quetion. Which NBA player, current or alltime, has the best ball handling skills with both handsé And how does that change the game they playé Let us know your answer down in the comments and I'll see you next time. Thanks for watching! Okay Team, you can click right here on the playlist for a few dribble drills you can use to build up your off hand. When you click on it, it'll start the playlist and you can sit back and let it automatically go through each drills.

Secrets to the FLOATER How to shoot a Floater Runner Teardrop Shot Science Basketball

Need to finish over the bigger defender whenyou drive the laneé Break out the Floater! Hey Team Shot Science! Coach Tom here andtoday I want to show you a deadly move that will allow you to finish in the lane, overthe other team's bigs. Now this move goes by many names; the Floater,the Tear Drop, the Runner, and sometimes even the Giant Killer But it's very basic purpose is to get theshot off a moment before the challenging defender has a chance to meet you and block the ball,while also slowing your forward momentum so you don't cause a charging foul by runninginto them.

Okay, so lets get down to business on howto perform this move. To begin with, you'll have to have beatyour defender and have them trailing you. And if you need help with getting that done,check out our quot;offensive moves playlistquot; first and then jump right back into this tutorial. So your man's trailing you and you'reattacking the lane. All's good until you see that the big fromthe other team is stepping up and is getting ready to challenge your drive. At this point, you'll have to make the decisionto take them all the way to the basket and

finish strong, or catch them off guard andhit them with a floater. So lets assume that you've decided on thefloater; you're going to need to consider two takeoff methods. One footed or two footed. Both approaches require that you start yourfinishing footwork well before you get within range of the closing defender. But for this tutorial, we're just going tocover the onefooted takeoff, and if you'd like to see the two footed variation, givethis tutorial a thumbs up. Okay, for the onefoot takeoff, you're goingto use the same quot;RunUpquot; with the 12

Up footwork that we teach in the Layups 101tutorial You can essentially think of it like executinglayupfootwork, but further away from the basket and with the intention of slowing yourforward momentum. Now if you're going to shoot the ball withyour right hand, you're right foot should be the first step, or the quot;One Count,quot;after your final pickup dribble. Your next step, the quot;Two Count,quot; willthen be with your left foot, which we call the quot;Launch Footquot; because you're goingto be jumping off of it, up into the shot. As you elevate the ball, you should swingup your shootingside knee almost as if it's

attached to your shooting elbow with a pieceof string. Try to make this jumping motion as straightup and down as possible to try to eliminate your forward momentum. This will allow you more of a cushion betweenthe defender, so you have time to get the ball off, and will stop you from charginginto them and picking up an offensive foul. The last thing you want to do is come flyingin full speed. Stay under control. Now for the actual shot release, you wantto loft the ball up with a very soft touch and try to limit the rotation by dialing backyour typical followthrough.

Just keep in mind that in this seemingly tensesituation, you want to remain relaxed. It's also required that you add a good amountof arc on the ball, to ONE) get it over the defender's outstretched hands and TWO) givethe ball a higher percentage chance of falling through the hoop with a swish or a friendlybounce. Just remember to slow your forward motionwith proper footwork, focus on the nest as your target, and have a soft touch! So that's the Floater or the Runner. Ifyou would like to see the twofooted variation, you can click right up here.

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