How To High Jump King Of Thieves

King of Thieves What is the Maximum Gem Value You Can Get

Hello guys, my name is Solaito and beforewe go to the tutorial of this day, I want to thank you guys, because we just reached 100subscribers. I'm really proud of that and that's like my first real milestone we haveachieved with the YouTube channel, so thanks for that. Let's get to 1,000 guys. Anotherthing I want to talk about is: Some time ago, I founded this guild, called 'Insomnia', maybeyou might want to join. You'll need at least 115,000 gems. The goal of this guild is toget as far as possible. Also, there's a patch coming up in which guilds will actually havea purpose, so you better get prepared. So, if you want to get in, I'll put the link tomy Facebook account in the description, you

can click that one, add me as a friend. Sowe can also retrieve each others gems and you can join the guild. I hope to see youguys. So, let's get to the tutorial of today, which is about getting the most amount ofgems. Here you see it, you start off with nine inventory spaces and three totem slots.But as you can see, like I did, you can buy three additional inventory slots for 250 orbseach. that's quite expensive, but it's definitely worth it. If you are just starting out anyou are wondering what to spend your orbs on, buying these additional gem slots is thebest investment you can make for the future. What are we going to doé We are going to seehow much the max amount actually is and then

we are going to compare that . give me asecond . to the number one player, which is Muscat999999, which is a member of Hyrule.You can see it over here, he has 9,616,070 gems in total. That's awesome, that's quitea lot and we are going to take a look to see wheter or not he actualy has potential togain any more gems or if he has reached a ceiling and he can no longer go up. So, that'swhat we are going to do toda. Guys, if you have any suggestions for future tutorials orthings you want me to cover, put them in the comments and I should say: 'let's get started'!So, this is my fance Excel representation of the inventory and the totem. I did thisto make things more clear. So, the first thing

you need to understand is that the maximumamount of total value a gem can have in order to fit in a totem is 299,999. So, you cancombine three of those gems and create a so called perfect gem, which has a value of 899,997.So, I made a scenario, right here, which is totally possible. You have ten 899,997 gems,which I will for now reference to as a perfect gem and we have two 299,999 gems, which Iwill reference to as semi perfect gems. Just to have that out of the way. This is the situationin which we are right now and we start up the ritual. We have a gem of 250,000, 30,000and 19,999. so, when this ritual is finished a semi perfect gem will pop up in here, theseslots will be empty and this will be the situation.

So, what we do then: We take these two semiperfect gems, we put them in here, like so. Kaboom . we combine these, these becomeempty and we gain a new perfect gem. So, this is the next situation we are in. So, now wekeep on robbing gems and we fill up these again and we can create another semi perfectgem. Kaboom . like that, we continue to do the same and we get another semi perfectgem, which will end up right in here. Ok, but now the trouble starts, because we canno longer make a new semi perfect gem, because there is no place to store it. So, what happensnowé That's unclear, because right now we have to split up and think. One is possibleand one is theoretically possible. The best

thing right now would be that you went ona raid and you stole another semi perfect gem. So, then you put it in here, but thechances of that happening are so slim, this won't ever happen in a real life situation,but just for demonstrative purposes I will show you. so, we steal a semi perfect gem. We take the gem which is right over here, we place it in the totem, like this. Thisgets combined to a perfect gem, all the way to here. Now we can keep on ritualling tomake another semi perfect gem, like this. And now, what we have to do is steal two moresemi prefect gems, which get put in here and remember, this is highly unlikely to happen,but it could. This gets combined to a perfect

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