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ZTE Fury Screen Repair Fix Android Phone

So today we're going to take apart the ZTEFury from Sprint. To start off with there are 7 screws all around the outside. I'mgoing to speed this up so you don't have to watch me taking off each one. One of thescrews is underneath that little sticker, it's the void sticker. Just so you know,by taking apart the phone and stuff you void all the manufacturer's warranties. But it'sa pretty simple process so you shouldn't have too many problems. To start unclippingthe screen from the frame, I started at the bottom of it. Then you can see as I take mypry tool and kind of slide it along the edge here. There are probably about 4 clips oneither side and then a few at the top and

the bottom that snap open. They separate rightwhere the color meets the silver. When you pull the two pieces apart make sure you makesure that the motherboard stays down on the top of it next to the screen and doesn'tpull away with the bottom half of the phone. As you can see, all of the different componentsof this phone are soldered onto the board, so there's really nothing else that youcan replace without getting super technical into the soldering aspect. There are threeribbon cables attached to the screen: the bottom one I just did by the battery, thisone right here that goes to the screen, and then this one right here by the top. Basicallyyou just take the little tiny clip and slip

it up. Flip it up right along the edge andthen you wiggle the ribbon cable out very gently from the edge. They are pretty, youknow, resilient, so you shouldn't have too many problems, you know, ripping them or tearingthem or anything as long as you're fairly gentle. There are no screws holding the motherboarddown so just pull away. And then this is the whole screen. Putting it back together. Themotherboard does kind of clip into place….not clip so much, but it sits really firmly betweenthe screw holes. And then get the ribbon cables back into place. That was one of the hardestparts, getting them to line up. So once again just be gentle with them. And then once theribbon cable's all the way inside of the

little holster for it, you can just slidedown the little latch which locks it all into place. The back plastic itself just clips right backon again. Make sure you run your hands along both sides, and make sure all the latchesare in place. Then you can take all the screws and put them back in. And any latches thatyou missed, like any clips that didn't clip into place, will clip into place once youget the screws inside. Toss in the battery and you're good to go. Anyway, I do postlots of phone teardownrebuild tutorials, at least once a week. So go ahead and “like�if this tutorial helped you, and don't forget

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