How Long To Do Jump Rope

By | December 17, 2016

Double Unders Jump Rope Exercise Demo

gt;gt;MARK: Hey guys! It's Mark, creator ofBuiltLean if you're watching for the first time, and, today I'm gonna show you howto do double unders, which is a more advanced type of jumprope trick that you can do so, as you get better at the jump rope,it can get started to get pretty boring, adding double unders, specially consecutivedouble unders, helps you get a much more intense workout much faster. So let me show you what adouble under is.

What I want you to do, is you just doalong with me, I want you to do ten jumps, 56789 and the tenth one, you're gonna swing it around twiceunder your feet. 56789 thendouble unders. So you swing it around twice so the idea is,by slinging it around twiceunderneath your feet, it makes it much more difficult

As you can see, I'm just using my wrists,I'm not trying to use my arms. Which I think is a common mistake. So now ideally I want you to do two consecutivedouble unders, I want you to do them one after the other. It might take a littlebit of time, to try to do it, but it's a reallyawesome workout, let me show you. We're gonna do double unders consecutively That's five,

you just keep on doing it.And it makes the workout harder. And so, what I want to see from you is howmany these you can do Alright, so double unders are a pretty effectiveway at increasing the intensity of the jump rope workout again, you can start out jsut kindathrowing it in there every 10 reps, or you try todo it consecutively. And eventually if you can work out 25,maybe fifty consecutively, that'd be pretty awesome.

I think it's a really great workout by thetime you can get the 50 consecutively you're gonna be in pretty good shape.So, thanks for watching, and see you again next week.

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