How High Can You Jump From Without Dying

People Who Are Afraid Of Heights Jump Off A Cliff

Woman Three, two, one. (yelling) ♫Higher ♫Yeah ♫You take me higher ♫Yeah ♫You take me higher♫ I am horrified of heights.

I think the best thing youcan do is face your fears otherwise you're just controlled by them. (crying) (yelling) I did it. I hit my ass. I fucking did it. Hopefully like that fightor flight thing will kick in,

and I'll go. (yelling) It was so scary. I feel like I have an actualbowling ball in my stomach. Kind of don't know whetherI'm going to puke or shit. That was the fucking scariestthing I've ever done. I would have a reoccurringdream where I was like sitting on a ledge and I fell.

Kind of like this. Man Three, two. (screaming) (laughing) ♫Higher ♫Yeah ♫You take me higher♫ What if it's not deep enoughé

(yelling) Man Three, two, one (crowd exclaims) I know, I got nervous. Man All right,Michelle, let's call it. Eddie say, first and foremost, be safe. (dramatic music) I was very humbled at the top.

It was a little too much for me. So, I'm glad I made the small step, embarrassed that I triedto like do something that was a little bit out of my league. Your whole body is saying,you should not be doing this. I feel a lot betterthat I did it though. Once you're up there,it's higher than it seems. Face your fear head on and realize,


Music Yeah. So. Put up a tutorial in Tony's room. The remainder of the squad that's still alive from this eleven day trip, is going to track down to levers through the canyon, to go jump off a couple cliffs. It should be pretty dope, right guysé Hell, yeah! We have not stopped.

That's if we survive the climb there Silence Ah! Alright, so, yeah. We've been goin hard everysingle day and we're not stopping here. We'll see you guys along this magicaljourney and gopro vlog. Background Hi ,Honey Background Don't do that. Oh! It's actually going to look sick because of the lighting.

So as you guys know, we've been in Mexicofor over a week now posting tutorials. Almost every single day. We've only missed days because theadventures go on for so long that there's not even a couple of minutesleft of the day to upload a tutorial or else would be at likemidnight and that's not even worth it so. If you guys haven't seen the past eight or sotutorials to Mexico go check them out. They are on the homepage of the channel and Ithink we're going to grab a drink really quick. To cool off

cool off before the long hot wash. We made it to the rocks and now we climb. Music All Right. Music Whaté This is ité (Inaudible) Wow that was the easiest walk ever.

It's normallyso much harder. Music Huhhuh! Woooooo. Heavy Breathing Seems doable. Hey let's just walk down the slipperysliding rocks right here and you'll be good.

Background Yeah. Huh huh huh. (Laughing) Background Gnarly climb bro. You got it. Just get over there and stick it. We're going down towards the water now. You know, the second one. To the right. You're good. You stay low and hold on. You're good. We got you.

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