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By | December 29, 2016

Mail Merge with Reference USA and Microsoft Office 2013

Hi today I'm going to be walking you througha mail merge. so for a mail merge we're going to need a couple things. today we are goingto be using a database full of information that we are going to get off of ReferenceUSA. Reference USA is a database that contains just a world of information not just in theUnited States, but also in other countries around the world. But, you can get it as closeto finding out who your neighbors are. But we're going to be using this today and weare also going to be using Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Word 2013, and by using twoor three programs we're going to briefly walk through how to create a mail merge. For thepurpose of this demonstration today, I am

making up a fictitious name. It's a real address,but a fictitious name. The reason I am doing that is for the purpose of this demonstrationwe will have to have a real address. So I have picked an address in Missouri. In fact,it is 516 Bluebird Lane in Lebanon, Missouri. I kind of just picked this out of a hat, Iwent to MapQuest and found a location, so if you live anywhere near here, I do apologize,this is just for demonstration purposes only. Many of us, especially those of us who arestudents have access to a great program, it's called Reference USA. You can get it throughseveral online websites, you can pay for it, or you can go to your local library and theywill also have it through their database services.

So I'm going to walk you through this. ForLiberty University students and faculty, those who have access to the Liberty library, it'sa wonderful place to get tons of information. We're going to go to resources by name, andclick on the R. And there it is Reference USA. Once this comes up, as I mentioned before,you have US Businesses, US New Businesses, standard white pages, Canadian white pages,Canadian business, US Healthcare, US Consumers, US New Movers, so if you're looking for peoplethat are moving. But for today, we are going to use US consumers. on custom search. on geography, because we know where we are. I'm going tolook for zip code, and also street address

and you can see that these boxes popped upas I clicked on them. So, our zip code for this area is 65536. And our address is Bluebird,leave off the lane. View results and it says we have 90 people on Bluebird in Lebanon,Missouri. Because I just made up a name, I'm going to go ahead and pick Timothy McBridebecause 516 Bluebird Lane is the address I selected. I'm not using Mr. McBride as mysubject, but I'm going to click on it.Once you pull this screen up, you will see a lotof information about Mr. McBride. Again, this is all public information. This is a valuableresource a lot of people don't know about. Especially if you're in the sales field. Seehis address

and a lot of other identifying information.Household income, home value, charitable donor, probably information obtained through magazinesales. Shows his age and marital status. Lot of information about your neighbors. Showneighbors, so let's select one half of a mile. We'll see just how many neighbors we have.Well, we have over 1000 neighbors, so you might want to thin that down. Select the first25. I'm going to download. Leave the choice as Comma Delimited, do not use Excel becauseit does not integrate properly. Select summary, and then download records. There is the informationwe will be using for our mail merge. Not using phone number for this demonstration, nor willwe use the gender. Go ahead and save this

somewhere you will remember. Call the filedata and change the file type from CSV to Excel Workbook. You can close this out orleave it open for your reference. Open your letter or type a new one. This letter is fromGeorge Brett, a famous baseball player from the Kansas City Royals, so I figured I'd pickout a good name. And the address is still 516 Bluebird in Lebanon, Missouri. Right hereis where we will put the address. I want to use the first 25 names we downloaded and createa mail merge and I'm going to print these out and shove them into a little window envelope,a number 10. And I won't have to address the outside of the envelops. Plus I can take theExcel spreadsheet and use it as a list for

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