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By | February 2, 2018

Smash Bros 3DS Challenge HomeRun Contest Ganondorf Trick Guide Walkthrough

So there are a few Challenges in Super SmashBros. 3DS that revolve around the Homerun Contest, with the most difficult one demandinga distance of 3,280 feet or more with any character. Yikes! Well, as it turns out, Ganondorf is more thanup to the task, and he doesn't even need to use the baseball bat! So here's how you doit: From your starting position, open up with 3 uncharged Smash Attacks to the right, thenimmediately follow up with 45 tilt attacks to the left. Now keep facing left, but performa Reverse Warlock Punch to turnaround and send that sandbag flying! If you do it right,you'll smash right past the required distance.

Pretty awesome, righté But let's break thatdown a little further. So, the uncharged 3smash attacks is pretty straightforward, but forthe 45 tilt attacks right after, all you have to do is hold left on the Circle Padas you attack repeatedly until you get off 45 kicks off. This should put the sandbagbehind you. Now it's time for the Reverse Warock Punch,which is more powerful than a normal Warlock Punch. All you have to do is press the circlepad in the opposite direction that you're facing imminently after starting the attack.So in this case, you'll start the punch, then immediately hold the Circle Pad to the rightto have Ganondorf turn around and unleash

the fury. And there you have itthat's how you caneasily beat those Homerun Contest challenges! Thanks for watching and make sure to staytunedto GameXplain for more on Super Smash Bros. 3DS and other things gaming too.

Best 241 build list Season 6 start date Season 5 end Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

hey folks this is Rhykker with a Diablo 3Reaper of Souls tutorial on the ending of season 5 and the start of season 6.we just today got official word from Blizzard that season 5 ends aprilfifteenth this coincides exactly with the date that we were speculating season6 will start April 29th both of those days are Fridays we can expect patch2.41 to launch sometime between April 15th and April 29th for anyone whodoesn't know when the season ends all of your seasonal progression gets mergedwith your non seasonal progression nothing is lost if you're looking foryour items they get mailed to you you

can find your mailbox icon in the bottomleft corner of your screen and from there you can retrieve all your seasonalitems now my question for you guys' are you hyped for season six do you plan toplay seasons when season 6 launches we just had a ban wave earlier this weekand I know that that is encouraged a lot more people to participate in the nextseason in my case I think the biggest drop for season six is unlocking thatextra stashed at for those asking what the fourplayer Mehta is looking likefor the next batch unfortunately we still are seeing three support one DPScompositions it's not the same

composition as he's inviting but itlooks like some form of three support one DPS will continue to reign as forwhat solo builds are looking to be the top four patch 2.4 1 and season 6 forthe Barbarian it's looking like it's gonna be a break or immoral chargedbarbed so no significant change there for the Crusader a full invoker build isabsolutely killing it on the PTR right now it would not surprise me to see somenerves to and brokers before we go on it but the invoker thorns build may stillbe the tops for the Demon Hunter were still seeing legacy of nightmares on topbut on how that since isn't too far

behind for the witch we're seeinga hell tooth fat build performing very well withshoppers are looking like they will be a good solo class in the next patch forthe wizard despite the nerves that we saw to the Archon build in the PTR it isstill absolutely destroying things the only difference is we're seeing aFirebird Archon build emerged as a top as opposed to a veer Zara Khan built forthe month rashes seeing the resurgence of the onlyhonest build this is very season four and we're still seeing the in as headmonk however altogether the monkey is

underperforming relative to the otherclasses so it would not surprise me to see some bob's to one of these two billsbefore PTR ends I'll try to get out as many guys as I can on these bills thatwraps up this tutorial thanks for watching leave a comment letting me know whatyour plans for season 6 our check out these other tutorials and if you enjoyedthis one share with friends leave a comment like and subscribe to joinwriters Raiders damaged auto correct I did not mean the whole rocket cuba tofind out how you can get me to say something random at the end of my tutorialscheck out my beat run rewards

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