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By | December 24, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Diet and Routine

hey whats up guys make a rap with somesadistic dot com and go Pitt formula dot com Cristiano Ronaldo Workout this is a tutorial all about christianaRinaldo want the best soccer football players in the world is gonna become a briefright down about christiana were not always work now and is dire you want to come and get all the detailyou can come and check out article I just throw at Savvis tankDakar basically

he is very athletic he's very quick andhe's very powerful and he's very strong there's areason for that its it had to do with his Diana workout so I was like the starout with Diane think it's ok the most important are Cristiano Ronaldo Workout a bow you know getting in that shapethat you really want to get into at the alive people overlook the factthat you need a strong guy arm so I really like to put a strongfocus on miss okay and and christiane although his batat 10 percent body fat

and I think again one the biggest reasonis nutrition he doesn't put put much junk food in hisbody doesn't drink too much and are I think it most people kinda all that that routine more people wouldhave more success obviously you know you wanna have thatkinda stuff every once in a while maybe so often but you know just don't make ahabit of putting that type stuff into your body they put the strong upsetsome protein okay and it's very good were before hegoes in trade

you know have a protein shake before hegoes and train their before cause plays it on hand to your energy and strengthbut also enhance your flexibility and agility your your playthey also to come again to the meals yeah I isgonna I gotta out I'll give you examples here arm that he would a diet that he wouldkinda all basically is gonna run around sixmeals a day begun a smaller snack smaller size snackmeal since they're a big large portion

it's a breakfast is gonna Cristiano Ronaldo Workout focus more protein and carbs up throughwhole grain cereal eggs no would be an example male for lunch he's gone for more alowcalorie meal fruits veggies maybe like pasta dare saya Caesar salad Caesar salad because it low in caloriesthan also has a lot about a man's minerals and proteinand maintainers more rich kinda meal I consisting up by a proteinsby the vending carts may be something

like chicken breast Cristiano Ronaldo Workout ish or other lean meats green beans raceand then maybe some fruit for dessert so is his workout routine I'm prettyamazed with this guy's routine he's very dedicated to youworked about three or four hours of daily practice to assure that and that less than 10percent by that several periods are running runningstate cardio 25 to 30 minutes high intensityexplosive spring drills

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