High Jump Cheat Gta 4

By | January 24, 2017

Things to Do In GTA V Achievement Knievel

Alright, so is everybody readyé (so what) This is Things To Do in Grand Theft Auto V I was playing around with jump dem bus And he once jumped the snake river We're going to jump some buses. He jumped a lot of things Roos the rocket they want to make your

So anyway, what I did was I was fucking around with the settings and I decided to see if we could jump a bunch of buses, and do a cool stunt thing. Yadayadayada in different cars, whatever Shut up Are you guys readyé Ryan Good explanation Geoff! Michael Okay, you just kind of trailed off there Geoff. Alright, don't kill each other. Jack So grab whatever you wanté

Ryan Pick a car. Geoff Yeah, just pick a car and lets see if we can jump a fucking. Ryan I'm going to get a Biff Jack Just do ité Geoff I'm going to get on top of soul I am Are you going to jump with the bikeé the idea I got a loop around much my

Shit upcoming a runner holy fuckin what SteveI like it you Gavin That's a good amount of buses there i cant get up on the good luck I ok I 0 I headed across but I designed a worldof the boss over Where the fuck is my bikeé 0 I made it to No out hey bud undone byjumper second only to have it as a rock and a smile in our model

are you Michael hey we got like fourseconds combated hey there's a bus on this and I had to get it was a plaintiffearly I'm gonna jump to try the bus go this go on Michael you well like meshe Almeida I'm anyone about yeah bottling up the oil company clearthat some Jackie yeah hurry for no I hope the last bus bomber I don't crop of final bill i buytime or another dimension I here up someone's driving a bias yeahmeal on a riderless hello there ya go back up toward herstart somewhere in the city only if they

are fuckin cinema fuckin night sweet Instagram she gonnamy phone I'm gonna try again burma I okay yeahsquare I'm shining and Jeff are you looking togo I decided when you get my camera here comes the bus good luck gathered up in the way firstly %uh theLondon Eye a find a real radical

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