Hamstring Exercises To Jump Higher

By | February 27, 2017

Hamstring Workout Best Hamstring Exercises For Mass Weak Point Training Ep 2

Today I am fired up because we've got a killerhamstring workout that I want to share with you guys. Hamstrings are so important because the majorityof your body's fasttwitch muscle fibers are located in your hamstrings. And on top of that a ton of guys have muscularimbalances when it comes to their lower body. So if your quads are really developed andyour hamstrings aren't very developed, you're going to have muscular imbalances which isgoing to lead to a lot of injuries. Back in the day, I played basketball and Iwould pull the shit out of my hamstring all

the time. I remember one time my senior year duringbasketball, I pulled it so bad during the season; I couldn't play basketball for threeweeks. I couldn't go to parties, couldn't hang outwith girls, couldn't do anything. I was bedridden for three weeks because Ididn't prioritize my hamstrings. So this workout is meant to throw on top ofyour existing leg work out or it could be its own individual workout, so I can't stressenough how important hamstrings are, so I'm going to head to the gym and show you guysmy favorite hamstring routine for mass and

aesthetics and overall preventing injury. All right guys, we've got the stiffleg kettlebell deadlift. What we're going to do here and you canalso do this with a dumbbell what you're going to do here is start off on one leg,keep your chest up, and you're going to keep a stiff leg all the way down and you're goingto drive through your heel, back up. Get big stretch, back up. I'll show you from the other angle. So I would recommend keeping it out to yourside like this.

So that is the stiffleg kettle bell deadlift. So just make sure you keep a good center ofbalance. Try to keep your chest up. And as you're coming down try not to bendyour knee. And then what you're going to do, you're drivingall through your heels, so you're coming up all through your heel. Keep the tension on those hamstrings. Getting ready to load up on the Smith machine.

So this exercise is fairly similar to a stifflegdeadlift, although you are going to be on the Smith machine and what this allows youto do is focus all of the tension, all of your mindmuscle connection directly ontoyour hamstrings and your glutes, as opposed to feeling it a lot in your lower back. I know on stiffleg deadlift if you go tooheavy, you tend to feel it a lot in your lower back and it's tough to really channel thatmindmuscle connection right in your hamstrings, this exercise allows you to achieve that. So I wanted to show you guys one more.

I went a little bit heavier on this just toshow you the proper form one more time. So your hands are a little inside shoulderwidth apart. And then you're pushing your butt back, you'redriving through your heels. Make sure that the weight is coming off ofyour heels and not your toes and once again, so crucial, just channel that mind muscleconnection in your hamstrings. You should feel 100% of the tension directlyin your hamstrings. Try to keep your chest up throughout the movementand you guys will have some killer hamstrings. Getting into one of my favorite supersetsof all time.

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