Basketball Jump Play

By | January 29, 2017

Advanced Basketball Techniques The Turn Around Jump Shot in Basketball

One other shot that Michael Jordon used touse and Kema Laguan used to use really effectively is called the turnaround jump shot. Actuallywhen these guys use it they are pros so remember turnaround jump shot, when they do it is aturnaround fade away jump shot. So this is something you might want to practice as wellbut the turnaround jump shot basically for our purposes we are going to start here inthe corner. If you are standing right here and you have got the ball, fed the ball, fedthe ball and you've got the defensive men behind you, right. What you want to do isyou want to fake, remember we talked about having the pivot foot, the pivot foot is importantbecause you can only use it like this and

once you establish it you can't move it, sothis is your pivot foot. You are using the pivot foot, you back into the man, don't hithim because you don't want to foul, back into the man, spin back out and take the jump shot.There you go, but just like I said before, Colby Bryant, Michael Jordon, Kema Laguan,when they do this move it looks a little more like this, a fade away and then they get theshot. So however you want to do it, whatever is more effective, the fade away is probablymore effective because if you have a man in the paint that is actually a little tallerthan you might want to sell that and fade away because it makes it harder for him toblock and actually I used to use this move

a lot this used to be one of my favoritesbecause no one could block it. So there you have it, the turnaround jump shot.

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