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By | February 17, 2017

Basketball Shots Basketball Equipment Accessories

Today I'm going to show you the accessoriesthat are needed to perform in basketball. This fellow right here, has on a shirtTshirt,tank top, so he canmore range on his jump shot. He also has on shorts. Very importantwhen you're playing basketball. Shorten your draw string if you have one of thesedrawstring for your shorts, make sure you keep them up tight. That's the purpose of that.Then, he has on knee high socks. Now that's a trend these days. Some guys have them, makethem high, some guys keep them low. But most importantly, when playing basketball, it'svery important that you have on high top sneakers. And for his safety, he has them tied up tothe top, very tight, and he also has a supporting

strap. Can you turn to the side for us, siréAll right, this is where the elastic on the shoe snaps in, gives this ankle the supportyou need to make the cuts that are important in defense and offense. And once again, anothertrend that guys wear today is the band. I also have one on, you see. This right here,is what you call a wrist band. This wrist band is for wiping your sweat off as you play.And I have on a headband. This keeps the sweat out of your eyes. Most importantly, the secondor the last thing that you would need, is a basketball. This basketball right here isan indooroutdoor. And what that means is you can play on the concrete like we're heretoday, or inside on the hardwood floor. And

today I showed you howI mean, what you need,the accessories, to play basketball.

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