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By | February 19, 2017

Air Force Report JAATT

I went through Fort Benning as a Cadet at the United States Air Force Academy in 1982. And I jumped out of an airplane that came from somewhere else. We have demonstrated an ability to sustain Army operations without having airplanes permanently assigned there. If you think about jumping out of an airplane, I mean you've got adrenaline through the roof A lot of kids are scared, they're nervous, and rightfully so righté Because we're jumping out of an airplane! If you don't practice it that way, its not really gonna, not going to be the same you know what I meané Beyond the hours, upon hours of time its, There's a lot more to it, like the people that normally jump they really don't see our side of it.

You have a training effort, where If, for example, at Fort Bragg each jumper needs to have so many jumps per year. In order to be able to do that, the units have to align with Air Force units to be able to get the jumps that they need. We use a program called the quot;Joint AirborneAir Transportability Trainingquot; program. It's a web based program that allows us to place requests for training support that then get filled by the Air Force. It's sort of like a work request program. The quot;JAATTquot; website is a secure site for the military. The ground users have the ability to go out onto this website

Put in requests, its basically free air drop support to the services out there. Not just the Army, but the Marines, the Navy and other Air Force units that need airdrop support. We rely heavliy on the Air Force to ensure that we are dropped in the right place at the right time. The Army has some capability to do that but primarily the Air Force is who we rely on, who we lean on in order to give us those fixed wing platforms in order for paratroopers to exit those doors and jump into whether it's another country or a training event

we rely heavily on the Air Force to do that. The majority of the stuff that we do if it's not combat, it's for training. A lot of the training goes into making sure that we're still staying proficient both me, as a C17 operator or pilot, and then them as a jumper. The importance of the relationship that we have with the United States Army and the 18th Airborne Corps, 82nd Airborne Division Is critical to ensure that our national command authorities have this skillset this capability in their toolkit.

And it ranges from that humanitarian operation all the way to the righthandside, full spectrum, combat side operations we have to have that capability for our national leaders and We're dedicated to ensuring it does exist today and it will exist in the future. That's what our commitment is to the United States Army. The more we we work with them, the better, the smarter I get on what they need. If I'm working with them and I typically know what questions they always ask,

I can start building that into my planning process to better support them when we actually, you know, need to do something real world I mean, at the end fo the day, we all have to remain flexible. Theres always going to be challenges in every type of training event or any type of operation we're going to do, particularly if it's a real world one as well. I think we haave a pretty good working relationship with the Air Force I think they understand our need for their capability

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