Ways To Jump Higher For Football

By | February 18, 2017

How to Intercept the Football How to Time Your Jump for Interceptions in Football

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.We're still talking about interceptions. One thing that's important is when you're tryingto make an interception; you have to have a good read on the ball. Especially if youhave either a big receiver or a big defensive back. One thing that will come into play isa jump ball situation when making an interception. Especially if you've read the pass and thequarterback throws it a little under. Then you'll have a jump ball situation. There aretwo things we want to remember. First, we always want to meet the ball at it's highestpoint. We talked about in a previous clip that you don't want to let the ball come toyou. You want to attack the ball. In order

to do that you have to set, you have to havea good base then jump up as high as you can and meet that ball at it's highest point.Don't let the ball come down to you. The other thing to make sure you don't do is, if I'min a jump ball situation with this guy I can't push him out of the way when I jump up toget the ball. That's called interference. The other thing I can't do is as I'm goingup I can't hold his hands down from catching the ball. It has to be an even jump ball situationwhere I go up for it. So, this is our defensive guy, here's our wide receiver and they'regoing to go out for a few yards and show you what it looks like in a jump ball situation(tutorial demo). In that jump ball situation

both of them had just as much right to goup and get the ball as the other one. They didn't interfere with the pass and they metthe ball at the highest point. Then it's the best guy comes down with it. That's the waywe don't interfere and we go up and meet the ball at the highest point when trying to interceptthe ball.

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