Run Faster Jump Higher Sandlot

The Sandlot

Man Narrating There is one alltime greatestmoment in the history of sports, and it happenedin the 1932 World Series. The story goesthat in the bottom ofthe ninth inning with two outs, a full countand the tying run on base, Babe Ruth raised his armand pointed tothe center field bleachers. No one believed it,because nobody hadever done it before, but the Babewas calling his shot. On the next pitch,the Great Bambino hita towering 400foot home run.

And even although he'd beena hero before that, that's pretty muchhow he became a legend. Thirty years later, a kid namedBenjamin Franklin Rodriguez became a neighborhood legend. It was in the greatest summerof my life, when he taught meto play baseball, and he became my best friend, and he got me out of the biggestpickle I'd ever be in.

♪ '50s Rock Man ♪ Finger poppin' ♪ ♪ Poppin' time ♪ ♪ I feel so good ♪ ♪ And that's a real good sign ♪ Kids Shouting ♪ Here comes Mary,here comes Sue ♪ ♪ Here comes Johnnyand Bobby too ♪

♪ It's finger pop ♪ ♪ Poppin' time ♪ ♪ I feel so good ♪ ♪ And that's a real good sign ♪ Pickle! Go! Go! Go! Shouting Continues ♪ Hey now ♪ ♪ Hey now ♪ ♪ Hey now ♪

♪ I feel so good ♪ ♪ And that'sa real good sign ♪ ♪ Snapping Fingers ♪ Hey now ♪ ♪ Hey now ♪ ♪ Hey now ♪ ♪ Hey now, hey now, hey now ♪ Boy, Indistinct

Well, listen.Come over at 9:00. All right.See you later. ♪ Hey now ♪ ♪ Hey now ♪ Narrator I moved to the neighborhoodtwo weeks before school let out. It was the same summerthat Dodger Maury Wills wouldbreak the stolen bases record, so with somethingthat incredible going on, it should've started offwith loads of great thingshappening for me,

The Sandlot 2

lt;igt; Man Narrating It began with the retrievalof the Great;igt; lt;igt; Kids Shouting lt;igt; lt;igt;Stolen by the Beast,the monster poured intoits;igt; lt;igt;his slobber and his willto dominate allwho trespassed his;igt; lt;igt;But there were somewho;igt; lt;igt;An alliance of neighborhood kidsbanded together and fought forpossession of the Great;igt; Barking lt;igt;When all seemed lost,Benny quot;The Jetquot; Rodriguezlt;igt;

lt;igt;aided by magic shoesguaranteed to make a kidrun faster and jump higherlt;igt; lt;igt;battled for the futureof the;igt; Creaking lt;igt;Hercules, the Beast,enemy of all free kids,lt;igt; lt;igt;was finally;igt; lt;igt;Time passed,and for 3,000;igt; lt;igt;the Great Ball, its retrievaland the danger of what wasonce;igt; lt;igt;behind the left field fence,was almost;igt;

lt;igt;Rumors grew upabout a shadow of the;igt; lt;igt; Ferocious Growling lt;igt; lt;igt;Finally, when nine new kidscame to the sandlotin the year 1972,lt;igt; lt;igt;something old and newwas;igt; lt;igt;I was the only onethat knew anything about;igt; lt;igt;My name is Johnnie Smalls,and that was the summer;igt; lt;igt;a kid named David VincentDurango taught methe greatest lesson in;igt; lt;igt;and became the very first heroI ever;igt;

lt;igt;But even though what happenedthat summer happened onthe sandlot,lt;igt; lt;igt;it had nothingto do with;igt; After one long year, Jonathan Buckminster Smalls, All City third grade scienceproject winner. Ladies and gentlemen,the Saturn Apollo rocket. Godspeed, Astro Jake. Flight deck Imitates Radio Static this is mission control.

We are quot;goquot; for;igt; Bell Ringing lt;igt; lt;igt; Smalls Narrating The summer between sixth gradeand seventh;igt; lt;igt;is the best of timesand the worst of;igt; lt;igt;Cartoons, army menand making crank callsaren't important;igt; lt;igt;because you're focused onzits, B.O. and howyour breath;igt; lt;igt;♪ Dizzy ♪lt;igt; lt;igt;♪ I'm so dizzy my head is spinning ♪lt;igt; lt;igt;♪ Like a whirlpool it never ends ♪lt;igt;

lt;igt;And that's when it;igt; lt;igt;The one great momentin your life containingall your potential;igt; lt;igt;You have two choices: Startdown the path of greatnessor hate yourself;igt; You're supposed to say,quot;I'm sorry.quot; Earth to boy. You're really fast. Thanks. You're supposed to say,quot;You're welcome.quot; lt;igt;♪ I want you for my sweet pet ♪lt;igt;

How Jurassic World Should Have Ended

How Jurassic World Should Have Ended Where those scratches there beforeé Oh No! She's escaped! I'll go outside, get in my car, then call the control room to track her! Or don't go outside and just call her from here. Oh right! I'll do that. Lowry, I need you to track the Indominus. She's still in the habitat.

Okay! She's still in there. We just can't see her for some reason. Sounds like camouflage. Awe Nutz! She's still in the paddock! Run! Quick! Go through the small door she can't fit through! Awe Nutz!

Awe Nutz. Zoos have been doing this for ages! Gimme the controls! No I wanna drive! Watch out for the! Eeeeeeeew! Sick! Nice going, bro! Now I can't even see!

You're making it worse! This never would've happened if would just let me. Whaaaaaaaaaaaa! Come on come on come on come oooooon! Well that didn't work at all. I think that Jeep's gonna need more than just a new battery. mmmhmmm. Okay I'm gonna eat you now. *screams*

Well that's new. We really do put safety first here. Rawr! We're trained and we're hunting you! Yeah! Nothing you say will make us briefly take your side! Yeah! Hey you know whaté I think we should team up and eat more humans. What do you thinké Well that makes things different then doesn't ité

You're very persuasive! Where did you get your educationé Something's wrong. They are communicating. Who cares! Just Shoot Her! Shooot Heeeeer! Great job, everyone! We killed the beast! Now, what was the plan to get the raptors back in their cagesé Oh they wont go back to their cages!

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