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By | September 23, 2017

CIAS Design Programs Combined Tours

Hi! Welcome to RIT'sInterior Design department My name is Courtney TerVelde and I'm a third year student here as an interior design major Here we have some of the junior level model building that's happening This is for a retail design space The program that's given is followed you have halfinch scale that you're working with. This is a model that's in the process

this is a model that's almost done.The junior and senior areas have these dedicated work spaces you get your own desk and your own locker,we have a mini fridge and a coffee machine so students can dedicate themselvesto being here doing their work fully and not having to move their materials back and forth, it's a really really big plus In here we have a resource librarywhich is a wonderful asset you have a lot of the junior and seniorlevel lectures given here

Since the classes are small RIT hasprovided this much more intimate space for these lectures to occur you can do studying in here as well as check out any of our magazines articles and there is just an abundance of textiles andfinishes that students can take for their projects get inspired by and a lot of them are donated so it really helpseliminate some of the costs these

projects can have There are eight working computersin here and it's open pretty much any time you like So if you come on in I'll show you we also have the state of the art plotters here, there are two of them, as well as state of the art printers so this is great for floor plans, presentation boards,architectural drawings,

anything that you could come intocontact with, you can do in here And our lovely model making shop Again, students can come in here, they can work there's an abundance of materials available there's a woodworking shop right nextdoor where students can learn to use power tools which again is a wonderfulskill to have in the field as well as our supply shop

run by our fantastic Rick, who I know is in there somewhere and where students can buy materials soagain it's a fully functional area you can get your materials here you canget your resources you can communicate with other students the faculty offices are all on this floor so there really is the sense ofcommunity in connection for the students to have, which I believe is one of the reasons thatthis program is so successful

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