Plyometrics Hurdle Jumps

By | September 6, 2017

Nike Academy Preseason Hurdle Jumps Power

To hit top speed on the pitch, a player must apply maximum force on the ground with a stiff ankle. We use hurdle jumps to develop the stiffness and vertical power. Key points for the hurdle jumps is to minimize ground contact time so we're nice and snappy of the floor. To pre stiffen the ankle, we cue toe to shin to make sure we're hitting the ground as stiff as possible. Keeping the contact on the ball of our foot allows us to be stiff of the ground. So we want to ensure we have ankle under knees, under hips, under shoulders so we are in a straight line as we are going over the hurdles. This exercise will help you change direction quicker on the pitch. We typically start off with smaller number of contacts so total mass of jumps and build up progressively throughout the season.

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