Plyometric Workout For Vertical Jump

Plyometric Drills Vertical Jumps Resistance Bands

Speaker 1: All right, this is a great plyometricdrill that athletes can do no matter what age you are. You're going to need 46 boxes,we have four here. What we're going to do is we're going to gain ground, we're goingto jump forward as fast as we can. Make sure you have the bands on here. Remember, thebands aren't exactly going to make you jump higher, but they're going to keep our bodysafe. What they do is they're going to develop our glutes and our hips stability musclesto limit the amount of internal rotation we get. If we can build these muscles we're goingto have a lot safer joints. So let's go ahead and take a little bit of a walk through here.When he jumps and he lands he's going to make

sure that he keeps these knees out. If youlet your body rock in that's going to create bad habits and it's going to lead to a kneeinjury. So again, we start from the front, we hop, we hop, neutral feet and we keep onmoving through the exercise. So again, here's a different angle for you, we got our fourboxes, he's going to be tight on this first one and when he's ready he's going to workfor speed all the way through these. Use your arms and really get through the jumps as fastas you can. So that was the speed through. You're goingto jump through the barriers as fast as you can and get through the line. The next portionof this drill we're going to jump for height.

This is really going to work on our verticalleap, so work hard here to get as high as you can. Let's take a look at one rep. He'sgoing to jump as high as he can. When he lands he's going to be fast off the ground, explodewith the arms to get over the next barrier. So get up right off the ground, explode withyour arms and be quick. So remember, all athletes of all ages can do this drill here. Make surewe do 24 reps with the fast feet and then we do 24 reps with the height. We've gotabout 3 sets here, so really work for speed and work for height and work on those verticalleaps as well as those fast feet.

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