Olympic High Jump Training Program

By | January 24, 2017

Dmitry Klokov CrossFit Tabata Part 1

My name is Dmitry Klokov.I'm from Russia and I'm a World Champion, European Champion,Silver Medalist of Olympic Games in 2008. My snatch PR in competition, official competition,international competition is 196 kilos. And in training in gym 206 kilos is my bestsnatch. I like Tabata Songs. I remember your firstTabata Songs. This was very good music and when I made my tutorial for my YouTube channelit was this Tabata Song, where a lot of people, Russian people, asked what is, what is themusicé What is the name of this musicé And this was interesting, yeah.

I love it. (Tabata music begins playing) Welcome to tabata. Here we go in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go. Tabata. This is twenty seconds works and ten seconds break and again. Eight rounds. This is cardio for me (laughs). This looks like weightlifting exercise but this is cardio for me. I started weightlifting December 10, 1995. I was 13.

CrossFit changed the weightlifting world alot. A lot. Totally. Uh, because before this was not popular sport,this Olympic sport but not really popular because, uh, it is dangerous, it is difficult. And now when CrossFit is popular weightlifting is now popular too.Because CrossFit, this is weightlifting too. This is like maybe sixty percent of CrossFituh is weightlifting exercise. And of course people try. My body all ready for lift for one rep max. But doing something like more than one minute(laughs) is crazy. All of us think about like dreams. That's good.But demand maximum.

For example when I train I believe for the future I will be Olympic champion. But my maximum was silver. Demand the impossible maximum result. is what I mean. Same in your normal life.

Jamie Nieto Olympics 2012 High Jump Competitor Khadevis Robinson says Hello Edited

Chris Yates: Okay we are live now on YouTubethis is a Google+ Hangout with an Olympic athlete from London. Itís the first time itís ever been done. This is awesome! Jamie Nieto, ok, live from London. He is an Olympic high jumper, it'shis second Olympics. Tell me how exciting it is for you right now to be at the Olympics because one youwent in 2004,

tell everybody how you missed in 2008, and you are the first ever 35year old male. Hey, I donít want to call you an old guy because youíre an athlete, you know but that's pretty up there forthat age, tell everybody about that. Jamie Nieto: Iím super excited things are going great.It's great to be here in London. I canít believe it, another Olympic games and Iím still at it. Chris Yates: And everyone who missed, youíre the oldest American ever to do this. Jamie Nieto: Yes, I am probably the oldest American to ever win a National

and also definitely the oldest American high jumper to ever make an Olympic Team. Chris Yates: Thatís awesome, that is fantastic and you almost gave up in 2010 because you didnít make the 2008. Tell everybody why, the faith you have in God,and why you just persevered and went for it. Jamie Nieto: So from 2000 to 2008 I was with a guy named Clifford Rovelto, heís out of K State University. Then in 2009 to 2010 I thought I'd try something different.

Nothing against my old coach I justwanted something different to do and I worked with a guy named Dan Pfaff and I always felt like if you ever work with another coach you should at least give him two years to see if everything like, it takes you time to learn stuff and get into the swing of things. After that coach left in 2009 that's whereI was at in 2010 like I donít really know what to do. I got motivated again. Decided to go back to my oldcoach from 2000 to 2008. Chris Yates: Are you ready for thisé

In 2008 it kind of inspired you to try something else, acting. Jamie Nieto: Right, right so after I missed making the Olympic team in 2008 I was actually here in London and decided, you know, let me try something else. I mean Iíve always had a passion for acting andI think it was just about that time somebody came to me earlier that year and said, ìJamie, you know, what makes you think you canact with some of these great actors if youíve never taken acting classéî I was like yea I guess I should take some acting classes.

After I didnít make the team that summer I ended up taking my first acting class and have been acting ever since. Chris Yates: Alright Monica is going to get the next question coming up. M. Monica: Yeah, I wondered what it's like tohave the eyes of the world watching you when youíre competing at the Olympicsé Jamie Nieto: you know itís one of those things where itís like I don't really see the fans or anything else until itís all over. You know, Iím just really focused on just jumping over the bar and making sure my

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