Line Jumping Exercise

Water Aerobics Exercises Water Aerobics Line Jumping

I like to call this one underwater hopscotch.You're going to pretend there's a line in front of you. You can use the lines in thepool, or it can be an imaginary line. We're going to start feet almost shoulder widthapart, knees slightly bent, jump over that line, and jump back. Over, and back. Makesure that you really bring your knees up when you're in the water for ab workout. To mixit up, turn sideways, next to your imaginary line, and jump over, and back sideways. Tryit in the water. You've even got a line. Jumping back and forth across the line is a greatway to work your legs, gluts and your abs. I'm lucky enough to have a line in my pool.So I'm jumping over the line, and back over

the line. Notice how I'm using my arms alsoto help propel me. This can be an upper body workout as well. So after I'm done playinghopscotch over the line, I can turn sideways and do a side jump over the line. Again, noticehow I'm bringing my knees up and down. By bringing my knees up, I'm working my abs.To burn added challenge, switch it up every four jumps.

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