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By | February 19, 2017

Cheerleading jump training using resistance bands

Speaker 1: Megan is a high school competitivecheerleader. We are going to work on her jump training. We're going to work on core strength,strengthening her quadriceps, her hamstrings, her gluteus, her backside, her hips and herabs and her lower back. Those are all a very, very important key to being able to jump higher,to maintain your agility, your flexibility, and your balance. That's going to make you,as a cheerleader, a much better jumper. The key to jumping is building strength.The way to do that is to work your quick twitch muscle fibers with the Kinetic Bands. Thatway, you don't have to lift weights. Most cheerleaders don't want to lift weights. Theydon't want to get bulky. Megan is certainly

one of those, but she wants to jump higher.She wants to be more flexible. We're going to train with the Kinetic bands and show youhow. Megan is putting the bands on. We're goingto have the bands hooked up so that when she does her exercises and her jumps, she's goingto be training those areas that are vital for helping her to become stronger and moreflexible. As you can see, she's putting the green bands on. The green bands are for ahigher level of range of motion. We do have a set of red bands that are a little bit lighterfor light stretching, and we have a set of yellow bands for younger or lighter athletes.Okay the first thing that we're going to do

is we're going to have Megan do a squat. She'sgoing to get her feet about shoulderwidth apart, point those toes out a little bit,put your hands out, and then I want you to squat down to parallel, and then pause, okayéGet your hands out here a little bit more. As you can see, the bands are now stretchingto give her range of motion. Go all the way down to parallel, right down there and thenpause and then come back up. Okay. Let's do a couple more of those real quick. Pause andthen come up. Go down and pause and come up. Okay. Megan, can you tell us where you feelthat até Megan: I feel it right here.Speaker 1: Right there in your quadriceps.

That's going to be.Megan: Back here. Speaker 1: On the backside, that's your hamstrings.Those are going to be two key components to helping you be able to push off the floor.If you want to jump higher, you've got to be able to push.Okay. Now, Megan, what we're going to do is we're going to have you do the same squat,go down to parallel, and then I want you to jump straight up; no hands, okayé Jump. Okay.Try to push off a little bit harder, down to parallel and pause, pause and then jump.Okay. Now, how does that feelé Do you feel that in any other areaséMegan: Yes. I feel it down here.

Speaker 1: Okay so a lot.Megan: Up here. Speaker 1: Up in those quadricepsé Do youfeel it in the hamstrings or back there in the bottomé Okay. All those areas are veryimportant for helping you to jump higher. Let's do that one more time. The key is tocome down to parallel and pause and jump straight up. We don't want to use your arms becausewe're working on jumping with just the legs. Go ahead Megan. Okay. One of the things thatwe want to have you learn is when you come down and you're down to here or wherever.When you're getting ready to jump, how far do you go down Megané Can you show meé Ifyou were going to do any kind of a jump, you're

not going to go way down here, but we're tryingto get you way down here and work those muscles. So when you jump, you're going to come downto about this point, and the key is, we want you to be able to flow with your arms, andthe key to jumping is to push with here and here and here.Okay. If you can.All right, now what I want you to do is, I want you to do a lunge. Iwant you to turn sideways and do a lunge and I want you to pause at the bottom. Okay. Goahead. Pause. Okay. Now, we want to make sure that yourknee is not over that toe. So get that foot out just a little bit, right like that. Now,go down with your left knee. As you can see,

Basketball Equipment Etiquette Proper Basketball Shoes

Ok, next I would like to talk about properbasketball shoes. To play basketball you want at least quarter length to high top shoes.You don't want to wear low tops, because you can sprain an ankle or twist an ankle realeasily. Ok, these are quarter length shoes, so they come up to my ankles, which is good;but not the best. You want them to come up above your ankles at least, just so you willhave good proper ankle support. So, when you're turning and running, you're ankle has thatsupport to where you don't injured. Another thing, you don't want to have black soleson your shoe, cause it's easy to mark up the basketball court, and when that happens ittakes grip away from the court as well, because

when you go and run across those markings,you can slip and slide. So, it's good to have uncolored soles on your shoes. So, the bestshoes to wear basketball, to play basketball in are quarter length to high top. Kind ofavoid soccer shoes, or tennis shoes, anything with low top and not much tread on the bottom,cause they can cause injuries even though they may be comfortable; it's still easy toget hurt in those shoes. So, you want to find quarter length to high top, nonblack solesfor basketball.

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