Jumping Stilts Good Exercise

By | August 22, 2017

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How to Walk on Stilts How to Jump on Power Skip Stilts

On behalf of Expert Village, I'd like to talkabout stilt walking. My name is Paul Anderson from the ABC circus and here we are. On thesepower skips, I've attached my own boot right to the power skips so I have a lot more controlwhen I jump on these stilts. Get them nice and tight so that when you jump around youdon't lose your stilt. Of course, all of these stilts are in the same principle. Attach yourfoot to the stilt and attach again up at the calf. Once you're locked in tight, you'refree to jump around. I would highly recommend if you're going to stand in these for a longtime, you wear some pads so they don't rub on your shins. Here you go. Jumping stilts.Of course, I can skip, hop on one leg, and

dance around. Power risers are the newestthing in stilt rocking.

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