Jumping Rope Anaerobic Exercise

By | January 25, 2017

How to Get a Fit Strong Curvy Body with 6 Easy Movements

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Physical Activity Guidelines What Counts As Aerobic

All these people are engaging in aerobic activities. What does that meané Well, quot;aerobicsquot; what isalso referred to as quot;cardio,quot; is any activity that gets you breathing harder and your heart beatingfaster for a continuous period of time. Aerobic activity could be walking briskly, runninghard, riding a bicycle, pushing a lawnmower, swimming in the sun, or dancing under the stars. I'm Dave Patania and, in this tutorial,I'll show you what counts towards the Guidelines for aerobic activities. For substantial health benefitsit's recommended that most adults get at least 150 minutes a week of moderateintensity aerobic activity,such as brisk walking; or 75 minutes a week of

vigorousintensity aerobic activity, such as jogging;or an equivalent mix of both moderateand vigorousintensity aerobic activity each week. Intensity is simply how hard your body isworking during aerobic activity. To count toward the guidelines it requires a moderate or vigorous level of effort. But how do you know if you're doing a light,moderate, or vigorousintensity aerobic activityé For most people, daily activities, such asshopping or light housework, don't increase your your heart rate very much. That makesthese activities lightintensity. Things such as walking briskly, swimming, ormowing the lawn increase their heart rate some,

making them moderateintensity activities.Vigorousintensity activities include such workouts asrunning, playing basketball,swimming laps, or mountain biking. These activities really get your heartpumping, and you breathing heavily. (Aerobics Instructor) To the back. Very Good. (Dave Patania) Here's a simple way to find out your level of activity. It's called quot;the talk test.quot; I've just started walkingslowly on this treadmil, a lightintensity activity. Now, as you can hear, I can still speak normally,but in a few minutes, when I increase my pace panting okay, now, I've raised my heart rate andeven broken a sweat this is the moderateintensity level.

I'm still able to talk fairly normally,but listen when I try and sing. She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when shebreathlessly well, luckily, I can't sing at this level, which should be the same for you, if you're doingdoing activities that require moderate effort, such as walking briskly, dancing, or mowing the lawn. Now, let's really pick up the pace. panting Okay, now, I'm jogging. And as you cantell, now, I'm not able to say more than a few words without pausing for a breath.I'm breathing hard and fast and my heart rate has increased quite a bit. This is vigorousintensity activity.

Wow, that was a nice little workout. For most adults, vigorousintensity activities includejogging, jumping rope, playing basketball, or swimming laps. What all this means is that, if you're looking to get the benefits of 150 minutes of moderateintensity activity in less time, you can gradually replace someof your moderatelevel activities with vigorous aerobic activities. A rule of thumb is that 1 minuteof vigorousintensity activity equals about 2 minutes of moderateintensity activity. So, in otherwords, for every 10 minutes of vigorousintensity activity undertaken, you're getting about the same benefitsas doing 20 minutes of a moderateintensity activity. Many people prefer this option because it gives them important health benefits in half the time.

However, if you haven't been very active lately, slowlywork your way up to the more vigorousintensity activities. It's important, for your safety and your health,to feel comfortable doing activities that require moderate effort before moving up the intensity.Gradually replace moderate activities, such as brisk walking, with vigorous activities that takea lot more effort, like jogging. The Guidelines are all about doing appropriate types and amounts of activity that are also right for your fitness level. What counts in your aerobicactivities is getting active, because some activity is better than none for substantial health benefitsaimed to meet the minimum guidelines we talked about earlier. If you want even more healthbenefits, do more physical activity.

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