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ZIVA Vertical Jump Trainer Single Leg Lunge Jumps

Let's challenge our lunge pattern using the ZIVA Vertical Jump Trainer and stick to one side as opposed toalternating. Standing in the lunged position, you are going to drive this opposite knee vertically as powerful as you can and sinking backdown into that lunge. You are going to need a significant amount of hip drive that is coming from the opposing band. Then what we need to do is swing this other leg through, and you gonna drive this on to gain a littlemomentum. Now if you cannot sink down into thatlunge or do not feel comfortable jumping,

decrease the range of motion slightly and you can just come up the toes every time you go to that lunge position.The band is still going to give you some resistance and challenge that hip complex. That is your singled leg lunge jump with the ZIVA Vertical Jump Trainer.

ZIVA Vertical Jump Trainer Squat jumps

Seeing as we're talking about the ZIVA Vertical Trainer what I want to do is first go through asquat jump to challenge that vertical so we will sit down into a squatted position and then from here these bands are already creating resistance and now all I am going to do is just jump up I am going to sink down into that hip andjump. what you need to do is use your hands to build some momentum as you drive through those hips you are going to lengthen this tissue here to then just drive through Now if somebody can't jump to their maximum potential we can do is just

have a nice light jump to where we are basically coming up on the toes if that's too difficult just go to that squatted pattern in all three cases these tubes areserving as some resistance for that vertical pattern and that is your squat jump using the vertical trainer.

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