Jump Theatre Program

GRCC Players Presents Jump Cut

(music)gt;gt; End of high school, beginningof life. The future spreads out beforeus, an infinite picnic limitless, certain,and bright. I anticipate an inevitablegreatness for the both of us. gt;gt; The thingthat's brilliant the thing that'sabsolutely brilliant is that he whinesmelodically.

gt;gt; Whatégt;gt; The music. His music islike a whine! He's just this whiny guy thatturns whining into poetry. gt;gt; Whatégt;gt; (sighing) I'm that guyis a whiner! gt;gt; You know the guyé gt;gt; I'm talking aboutthe musical whine. It's freaking geniushow he raises whining

into an operaticart form. Check it out, man!(laughing) (music) gt;gt; Maybe you should makea movie about Dave. gt;gt; About Daveé gt;gt; Bipolar disorder with manicepisodes usually lasting four to seven days, and sometimes culminating withpsychotic breaks with reality.

gt;gt; Show what it's likewhat it's really like living with his illness,what he goes through. gt;gt; I'm sure it's been done.gt;gt; Everything's been done! You'll do it better. gt;gt; I thought you weren'tinterested in movies anymore. gt;gt; I'm not. I'm interested in you andyou're interested in Dave. gt;gt; You have no ideawhat an amazing view

you can getfrom life when it glows and it flowsand it shines and it's full of purposeand meaning and soul! gt;gt; Do you want meto save you, Daveé Or is that Karen's job nowégt;gt; I don't need to be saved! I save. I'm the savior here. I'm saving your film, I'msaving your whole career.

Big director man,you need me now and you don't likethat you need me. (music).

Little Big Shots Too Cute for Words Episode Highlight

Are you always this happyé Yeah.quot;Yeah.quot; Man! Does anybody elsein the family singé Um, my mom,my dad sings a little, and my aunt, me, my mom,and my grandma sings. Laughter

That's it!And my brother sings, too! Cheers and applause God, I wish I was this happy. Laughter I'm The only timeI'm this happy. Laughter Giggles How old are youé

I am 5, and, um, I think it's TuesdayI'm turning 6. HHow old were youwhen you started singingé 2.When you were 2é Do you rememberyour first songé Uh, that would be. ♪ Jesus, Jesus ♪ There's just somethin'about that name ♪

♪ That kings and kingdom ♪ Shall all pass away ♪ But there is somethin'about that name ♪ Cheers and applause Normally Normally, when I askthe person what song they sang, they'll just saythe name of it. Because my aunt taught mehow to do it. Your aunttaught you how to do ité

Is she here todayé Yes, sitting right with the girlwith the hat on. That's my mom with the hat,and that's my aunt. Oh. Oh, the girl Oh, okay. quot;The girl with the hat on,that's that's my mama.quot; Okay. Yeah, she got that fly hat on. Giggles What What kind of hat is thatMom has oné

Mom, you tell him! It's just a hatjust to cover my hair 'cause I don't have timeto do it 'cause I have four kids. Yeah, her hair's so ratted, I can't even sayhow ratted it is! Laughter, applause Do you have a bikeé

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