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By | February 4, 2019

Jump Higher Training Is Static Stretching Bad for Verticals Jump Training Program Exercises

Hello everyone. This is Jacob Hiller withthe Jump Manual. Today I want to kind of get some closure on a topic for everyone and thatis static stretching. Static stretching got a bad rep. The reason was because severalstudies found that directly after doing a routine of only static stretching, I'm talkingdirectly after, seconds, minutes afterwards, there was a slight decrease in power outputbecause of static stretching. The result of that was that whoever saw that, once thatinformation got out it was being put up on forums and really blown out of proportion.That any static stretching is going to destroy, you know, that you vertical jump is goingto decrease; ability to jump higher etc. etc.

etc. Because of that, people stopped doinga lot of static stretching and it got a really bad reputation. Really, the fact is that,in my opinion, this is my explanation of it, is that when you do a static stretch, youare holding a position, righté You are holding the muscle at a certain length. Usually itis stretched more than its homeostasis. A little further than normal. And you are inhibiting,momentarily, the stretch reflex. So, you are stretching down and instead of popping backup, you are leaving it down. So, for a slight moment there is an acute suppression of thestretch reflex. In the minutes following that there may be a very, and we are talking anextremely slight reduction in jump power.

Like most of you would probably not noticeit. As well, that acute suppression of the stretch reflex is also can be counteractedby doing some dynamic and sport specific movements after the static stretching or intermixedwith your static stretching. So really this whole static stretching destroys your verticaljump is way blown out of proportion. And the fact is that static stretching will suppressthe stretch reflex for a certain period of time but if it's done properly and intermixedwith a dynamic routine, it is a good way to condition the muscles. It's a good way toincrease range of jumping. It's also just a good way to promote proper health and circulationin the body. Overall, if you do static stretching

correct, you are going to prepare the muscles.You are going to lengthen the jump muscles. You are going to increase the muscle tissuequality. You are going to balance the muscles. You are going to increase circulation andall around it is going to be better for your jumping.

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