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By | February 24, 2018

Why Are Some World Records So Hard to Break

It's hard to imagine running almost 35 kilometersan hour just using my own two feet. Like… that's car speed, not human speed. But that's how fast Jesse Owens ran duringthe 100 meter race at the 1936 Olympics which he won in 10.3 seconds, matching the worldrecord speed at the time. The upcoming film Race is about Owens, anAfricanAmerican runner who earned a spot at the Olympics in Nazi Germany and then wonfour gold medals, even though the Nazis tried their best to stop him from competing at allbecause of his race. It's been 80 years, and at 9.58 seconds,Jamaican Usain Bolt's world record from 2009

has only shaved 7% off of Owens's time. But in other sports, like swimming and polevaulting, the records have improved by a lot more. So, why the differenceé Well, one part of the reason these recordsget broken is that some humans are just better at sprinting or swimming or pole vaulting. But another big factor in breaking world recordsis science: namely, the materials athletes use to help them do their thing. And somesports just involve more of that science than

others. Sprinting, for example, doesn't have muchof it. The physics of the 100 meter dash is prettystraightforward: you run along a track, and try to travel 100 meters as fast as you can. Your speed mainly depends on how hard youcan push off the ground, and how quickly you can do the pushing. Runners move a little faster these days becausetrack surfaces are a lot firmer Owens ran on ash and modern running shoes help withgrip.

But anything else is basically down to tinyimprovements in running techniques especially ones that let sprinters leave their feet onthe ground for shorter amounts of time. That, plus incredibly talented and dedicatedathletes. So that's why the world record for the 100meterdashisn't that much shorter than it was 80 years ago. There aren't many materials involvedthat we can improve or reengineer. It's just the human body doing its thing. Researchers think we're actually closingin on what they predict to be the fastest a human could possibly run 100 meters, basedon the limits of what our muscles and joints

can do which turns out to be 9.27 seconds. Swimmers, on the other hand, have gotten muchfaster over the years. In 1936, the world record for the 100 meterfreestyle swim, held by American Peter Fick was 56.4 seconds. In 2009, César Cielo ofBrazil swam it in 46.91 seconds an improvement of almost 17%, and a record that still holdstoday. Part of that has to do with improvements inswimming techniques, but a lot of it also has to do with technology specifically, thematerials used in swimsuits. They're important because there's a bigdifference between running and swimming.

When you run, you hit atoms and moleculesin the air that do hold you back that's what we call the drag force. When you swim, water molecules are doing thesame thing. But water is a lot more dense than air meaning that you crash into way moremolecules, and the drag force is much stronger. So anything that reduces that drag can helpyou go much faster which is exactly what special swimsuits called supersuits are designed todo. They're made of fabrics meant to reducedrag, like by having little grooves that let the water flow around you more smoothly, soyou move faster.

Zac Efron 10 Pound Muscle Gain HARSH TRUTH

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . Man, did I ruffle some feathers this weekend,or whaté The Zac Efron workout and diet tutorial. I mean, good Lord. If you haven't seen it,it's right here and you owe it to yourself to give it a watch. More importantly, scrollthrough the comments when you do because it will put into context better what I want totalk to you about here today. I want to talk about the level of hatred thrownZac Efron's way. This poor kid, I don't even know him, but I felt bad for him becausea lot of people – not everybody, certainly not everybody – a lot of people want toattribute everything he got – they want

to attribute his physique, they want to attributehis gains in preparation for his movie, they want to attribute everything to steroids. They don't know him, they never trainedwith him, they don't hang out with him, but they want to guarantee that's what itis. Whyé Because he looks better than they do. Guys, I see this all too often and itpisses me off. I'm going to rant today and I hope, if you need to put the ear muffs onand the kids around you, you're going to have to do that. The fact of the matter is, why are we alwaysso quick to say that about everybody that

does look better than usé Let's keep in mind,he's 165lbs to 170lbs. Do you think that's an unattainable physiqueé If you do, you'rewatching the wrong channel. Shit, I sit up here all the time and preach to you abouthow possible it is. If you train like and athlete to look likean athlete, being ripped and also to carry lean muscle, and to maximize the amount thatyou can naturally carry. It's unbelievable. You should see the comments about it. quot;Thisis crazy. This is bullshit. You can never do this without doing Zac's steroid regimen.You could never do this without The Rock feeding you steroids.

You can never do this without a personal chef,without all day to train, with nothing to do but train, without the highest level personaltrainer.quot; Guys, first of all, as far as a personal trainer goes you've got a prettydamn good one here giving you guys free tutorials each and every week. I hope you've learnedsomething from my tutorials that would allow you to make gains and see progress and results. I could tell you, I don't condone steroiduse. Not in the least bit. I am the biggest antisteroid guy standing here on YouTube.I was a guy that grew up in a household where my father would have killed me if I did anything.Any drug! He told me quot;Jeff, if you ever do

anything and I catch you, get out of the house.Get out! I'm going to make it easy. I'm going to pack all your shit, I'm going to put itout on the lawn, you can come and take it, but don't ever show back up here again.quot; Now, coming from a divorced household I hadnowhere else to go. I was scared to death. So not only did I not do anything, I neverdrank, I never did a drug, I never tried a drug, I never drank anything. Even throughcollege. Nothing. I was just clean and boring as I possibly could be. I say it all the time.I live a pretty boring life. But, I'm proud of it and I'm proud to be able to stand hereas an example to you to inspire you of what

is capable and possible if you train hard. But we don't know about Zac. If you thinkthat all this is unattainable, 165lbs170lbs physique, all came from the fact that he puton 10lbs in a year. That's something that doesn't happené Guys, that's less than a pounda month. If you understand the fact that he used heavy training for the first time everin his training program. If you're out there and you're a 26 year old kid who's never trainedbefore, I can guarantee you that you have lots of gains waiting for you. Lots of them. I don't even care if you're 40 or 60. Ifyou've never trained heavy in your life and

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