How To Long Jump For Beginners

By | December 25, 2016

Ice Skating Tutorial Jumping Basics for Beginners

Hey guys!Last time we had some fun with jumps so it's time for the tutorial! This is going to bea quick tutorial about the basics, because I'm going to do a massive series of jumping tutorialsin the future talking about 360s and even more complex jumps. WAIT! What was THAT inthe backgroundééé Let me start with the most important thing: Don't try to jump forward! Because you can't. Watch this. You can only jump upwards. So use this technique both for high jumps and long jumps too but for long jumps with more speed. The upper body's task is very important. First, the arms will generate extra

momentum. Strike in the air with them at the same timewhen you jump with your legs. Second, it can stabilize your motion. If you strike forwarda bit and not completely upwards, it can give some extra momentum forward, giving the illusionthat you jumped forward. But we saw, that it is impossible.The legs will only kick youupwards. If you pay close attention you can see that the legs are just gently leavingthe ground. If you want to jump high, in addition to a stronger strike with you arms, you cantuck your legs. A nice way to cheat some height if you shift your legs to the side. You caninstantly gain about 20 cm with this trick. I think the basic jumps are always worth practicingbecause they are fun and you can build up

more advanced stuff on them. That's it forthis tutorial, I will continue as I promised. Stay tuned guys, I saw the tutorials requestsin the comment section, and.I want to say, I'm on them. So subscribe if you haven't already.See you!.

An athlete uses physics to shatter world records Asaf BarYosef

In the early 1960s, Dick Fosbury tried his hand at almost every sport, but never excelled at anything, until, at the age of 16, he turned to the high jump. But when he couldn't compete against the strong athletes at his college using the standard high jump techniques of the time, Fosbury tried to jump a different way: backwards.

Instead of jumping with his face towards the bar, bringing each leg over in the traditional straddle method, he jumped with his back towards the bar. Fosbury improved his record by over half a foot, and left his coaches amazed by this strange new style of high jumping. During the next few years,

Fosbury perfected his high jump style, won the U.S. National trials, and assured his place in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. In the Olympic Games, Fosbury amazed the world with his new technique, winning a gold metal with an Olympic record leap of 2.24 meters. By the next Olympic Games, almost all of the competing of high jumpers

had adopted what came to be known as the Fosbury Flop. What's the secret behind the techniqueé It lies in a physics concept called the center of mass. For every object, we can locate the average position of all of its mass by taking into account how the mass

is spread around the object. For instance, the center of mass of a flat, rectangular object of uniform density will be in the intersection of both diagonals, in equal distance from each corner. We can find the center of mass for other objects by similar calculations, or by finding the object's balancing point,

which lies right underneath its center of mass. Try balancing a broom by holding it and slowly bringing your hands together until they meet. This balancing point lies right underneath the broom's center of mass. We humans also have a center of mass. When most people stand up, their center of mass is around the belly,

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