How To Jump Very High Like A Ninja

By | January 24, 2019

Learn the PARKOUR ROLL Assassins Creed Style

Rolling, the most important and fundamentalmove you will learn in your parkour and free running journey. So when first learning the break fall roll,its good to find like a soft surface like grass or something. You don't want to learnit on cement because if you are practicing and you mess up you can hurt different partsof your back. Or hit your head and then you're in for a real doozy. But grass is usuallya perfect surface for you to learn on. So what you want to first focus on, is it's nota forward summer salt like you do in gymnastics because with the impact and momentum if yourgoing straight over your head there's always

the risk of you hitting your head. So theidea of the roll is that you're going from one shoulder diagonal across your back toyour hip so that you're not rolling directly over your spine so that you can avoid anypotential injury. Because you never know what kind of surface you're going to be rollingon. What you are going to do is your going to find your you feel comfortable rollingover and your going to focus on keeping your head to the side and rolling over that sideof your back. So it comes up like that. Some people like to use their hands to supportthemselves as they go into the roll. That's personally what I do. Some people like todo an arm scoop and kind of allows them to

make sure they tuck that shoulder and so whatever your method you just want to make sure you practice is slowly so that you can getthe feel for it and make sure you practice it regularly with your training. Cement is a good way to learn where you canimprove your roll. So if you take it real slow as you do your roll the same way you'llfeel any bones or protrusions in your back that will hurt or kind of fell uncomfortableif you know your not doing it correctly. And everyone back is different so you may needto adjust it a little bit to make sure that you're doing the roll so that you're avoidingthose, those soft spots.

When you first start to learn the roll withdoing drops you want to start with something low and work your way up. Stairs are a perfectexample, maybe if you can find stairs over grass or something soft you may not necessarilywant to start with cement. But I'm just going to use these stairs as an example on how youprogress. So when you land and hit the ground you don'twant to bend your knees a lot. You don't want to come all the way down and then roll butyou want to be able to hit and your knees just slightly bend and because of the wayyou land you're able to fall into the roll and your momentum will be dispersed throughthe momentum of the roll as you see here.

Sometimes accidents happen when you're doingparkour. And having the roll down, having it drilled, your muscle memory will know justhow to do it. And there is how you save yourself if you're about to eat it. You can actuallyuse the roll to prevent yourself from getting injuries that you would sustain otherwiseunless you knew how to roll correctly. So you have your basic rolls but then you alsohave dive rolling. Which is where you actually leap over the obstacle so you're going lothigher and ending up into the roll where you're using your arms and the way you tuck intoit to disperse your momentum. So this can be more difficult because you're not usingyour legs to help transfer the impact into

the roll but you're actually using your armsand the roll directly as the impact to disperse it. So normally you don't do dive rolls offreally high things but you do it to get yourself over things that might be hard to jump overusing your hands if its say barbwire or you know various other different obstacles. And then you can start using lower obstaclesto help in your technique and to see what you're capable of. So here's a low chain linkfence that I'm going to use to aid me in how I'm clearing the obstacle.

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