How To Jump Higher On Black Ops 2

By | February 23, 2017

How to Increase Vertical Jump to Spike a Volleyball Jump Higher to Improve Volleyball Spike Fast

OK guys, I want to talk about why people failto increase their vertical jump. I want to lay down exactly how you can start increasingyour vertical jump in the next 2 weeks or faster. The first thing is, why do peoplenot succeedé First is a lack of knowledge of the correct principals. Second is a lackof knowledge of the correct practices and jump techniques. So basically that is thedifference between what you do versus how you do it. And there is a big difference thatI'm going to go into a little later. Third of all is a lack of discipline or abilityto apply proper jumping techniques consistently over a period of time. And the last one issimply lack of proper nutrition. The first

thing you got to understand is that strengthplus quickness equals explosion (strength + quickness = explosion). When strength andquickness are applied during the same muscle contraction, explosion is the result. Youhave to maximize your muscle strength and you have to maximize your muscle quicknessand neurological response to create that explosion. Now: endurance versus explosion. Trainingyour jump explosion is counterintuitive. You go out there and you jump for an hour,working very hard. You are sweating, training hard, you feel the burn and you think youare training correctly. Most of you are not. You have to train in what is called the improvementzone. If your maximum vertical jump is 32

inches, and most of your training is donejumping at a 12 inch intensity, you are training yourself to jump 12 inches over a long periodof time. You are training your jumping endurance. This is all about the quality over the quantity.Let me give you another example. If you were a sprinter training for the 100 meter dashand your coach says you have to run 2 miles everyday and it is going to train you forthat 100 meter dash. After that workout you are going to be tired, you are going to besweaty and you are going to be training your jump endurance. No sprinter is going to trainby running the mile or 2 mile to run the 100 meter dash. You will be training the wrongtype of muscle fiber. So as long as you keep

training your endurance, you are not goingto be training the right type of fast twitch muscle fiber. There are 9 variables to yourvertical jump training. Each is going to contribute to upward explosion andor momentum. An effectiveprogram that wants to get results very quickly is going to target each facet. So trainingmultiple facets is going to create greater and faster results. For instance: flexibility.Training your flexibility correctly is going to give you more leverage on jumping power.Your form, fuel, your stability, you balance. Learning how to tweak how you jump is goingto help you tweak every aspect of your vertical explosion. Nutrition is huge. It is huge!Nutrition is a discipline. It is hard to get

right but once you get it correct you aregoing to maximize your workout. Your muscles are going to get broken down each workoutand if they don't have the proper nutrition to build them back up and strengthen themand prevent injury and have correct maximum muscle gains, guys, you are missing out ona whole lot. Now, I am going to tell you this over and over again (a lot of people are),but most of you are not going to capitalize on it. You are going to need a mentor. Youare going to have questions. You are going to have legitimate exceptions to this trainingprogram; to any training program because there is no one size fits all. There is no cookiecutter program out there. I provide 100% support

via email. You are also going to have accessto a forum where other people are already getting the results that you want. You cantalk to them about their training and what has worked for them. Guys, I am inviting youto take it to the next step. If this makes sense to you; if you understand how theseprincipals are going to help you jump higher and how training every facet and trainingin the correct mode and the correct types of exercises, get the jump manual. I do recommenda weight room but I provide an alternatives if that is not available. I am going to providecomplete support. If you have younger kids or you are older yourself, I guarantee youI have trained someone in you situation. I

Fiveseven Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the eighthepisode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we're covering the FiveSeven. First present in MW3, the semiautomatic pistolreturns in Black Ops 2, occupying a similar role. The FN Fiveseven is a Belgian weapon, designedand manufactured by FN Herstal. It was developed in conjunction with the P90personal defense weapon, and fires the same cartridge the 5.7 by 28 millimetre round. It is this calibre that lends the Fivesevenits name: and the unique penetration ability

the steelcore rounds offer its unique sellingpoint. The smaller cartridge also boasts anotherbenefit: the doublestack magazine contains 20 rounds without protruding beyond the gripbase. All in, the Fiveseven is a modern polymersemiauto pistol, chambered for an interesting cartridge with some curiously good traits low recoil, high penetration, and unparalleled capacity. Ingame, the Fiveseven is a high damage pistol with one major caveat. While you will be able to kill opponents injust 2 shots at a very close range, damage

will very quickly drop to a 3hit kill, afterjust a couple of metres. At longer ranges, you'll need up to six shots but, courtesy of a higher than usual headshot multiplier, you won't need more than 4 shotsto the head. Rate of fire is semiautomatic, limited byyour trigger finger's ability but otherwise capped at a fairly generous 750 rounds perminute. Hipfire performance is good, similar to thatof an SMG although with the semiautomatic rate of fire you are better off firing whilstaiming, unless the enemy is within touching distance.

Recoil is very low unless you're able tofire at a rate close to the firecap, the Fiveseven's kick is all but nonexistent. This means the Fiveseven can be used quiteeffectively at longer ranges, but the lower damage might put you at a disadvantage insuch a gunfight. Aim time is very quick indeed, at around 130milliseconds and movement speed is 100% of the base: the Fiveseven is an allroundvery nimble weapon. Magazine capacity is good for the pistol class,too 20 rounds sets it on a higher level than anything else within its class, eventhe automatic machine pistols.

Reloads are relatively slow for a handgun,at 1.6 seconds but given the higher capacity, reloads are seldom a problem: 20 rounds ismore than sufficient for multiple closerange kills, and a spare couple of seconds to topupis usually easy to find. Our build with the Fiveseven is going tofocus on the use of the pistols as a primary weapon. While they might not be as competitive assome of the primaries, such a build can be surprisingly effective: making good use ofthe pistol's excellent handling traits can make for a very good closequarter build.

The Fiveseven makes for a superlative secondarywithout any attachment at all: the plain pistol is fast drawing, high capacity and easy tohandle. The attachments available tend to have a relativelyminor effect: for our build we'll be equipping just one of them. The Suppressor is a good fit for the Fiveseven:while you lose a small portion of your effective range, any damage loss is made up for withthe stealth benefits. The low recoil and large magazine means anyadditional shots you might need are instantly available on tap.

Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES ALL PERMAPERKS Permanent Perks Explained Buried Gameplay

Hello everyone! What's poppin'é! My name is MrAquary And today I am bringing you a zombies tutorial! I will show you guys all the zombies persistent upgrades, a.k.a permaperks! I will explain what the permaperks do, how you obtain them, and how you lose them. Alright then! Let's start! 🙂 We have the permaperk quot;Faster Revivequot; and as the name says, you will be able to revive a player faster, 2x faster to be specific. And to get this permaperk you will basically need to revive a player 17 times in one game.

And if you fail to revive a player while having this perma perk, it will disappear. So be careful when you revive someone with this perma perk because you can easily lose it. We have the perma perk quot;More Headshot Damagequot; And obviously, this perma perk will increase your headshot damage. It will also give you an aesthetic head popping effect So, to get this upgrade you will need to get an unspecified amount of collateral headshots And collateral headshots basically means multiple headshot kills with one bullet If you kill 2575 zombies in a row without getting a headshot, you will lose this perma perk.

We have the perma perk quot;Stronger Barriesquot; And this perma perk will earn you stronger barriers to build So it will be harder for the zombies to break the barriers This one is earned by repairing about 75 barriers in one game. And this must be done on round 10 or after And if you fail to build the barrier in a game, you will lose this perma perk Then we have a similar perma perk, called quot;Stronger Carpenter Barriersquot; And this perma perk will strengthen barriers for carpenter, for the carpenter power up. And this is earned by killing a zombie coming through the barricade while carpenter is boarding the windows

And if you fail to kill a zombie coming through a barricade during the carpenter power up you will lose this perma perk. Next we have quot;200% Healthquot;, and as the name says, you will get twice the health. so instead of going down after only two hits, you will go down after four hits. And this can be stacked with the juggernog perk, making it six hits. And to obtain this, go solo and buy quick revive. Get downed two times, and when you get downed the second time, you should have the perma perk when you start off the next game. And you will automatically lose this perk on round 15.

Next perma perk is quot;Red InstaKillquot;. The effect of this will allow you to kill zombies simply by walking into them However, you will only get 15 points by killing a zombie by walking into it. This will last for 15 second when you get an InstaKill drop, and to obtain this, you will need to not kill a single zombie during InstaKill, two times in a row. If you get hit by a zombie during the InstaKill you will lose the perma perk. Then we have quot;Perk Refundquot;, and this will give players 1000 points when going prone in front of a perk machine after buying it. To earn this, you will need to buy a perk and go prone in front of the machine, and this must be done approximately 65 times. If you don't go prone in front of the perk

you've bought, when having this perma perk, you will lose it. Next we have quot;Mystery Box Upgradequot;. And this increases the chance of getting good weapons out of the box. To get his, you will simply need to buy a weapon from the mystery box several times before round 10. I would say 710 times would be enough. When you have this perma perk, a teddy bear should sit on top of the box. When you get to round 10, the perma perk will automatically disappear. Then we have quot;PhD Flopperquot;. And this one can only be earned in Buried, and this will create an explosion when dolphin diving from a high place. It doesn't have to be THAT high though.

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