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Keepin It Tight Workout Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

Hi, I'm Ashley Borden, and welcome to PerfectForm. Today's workout is called Keepin' It Tight. And we are gonna be doing a fullbodyworkout using a medium resistance band. I am using an allpurpose band that you canget from my website, or you can use one of your bands if you have one, no problem. Sothe focus on this is you're gonna be going through this quickly through each exercise.You wanna make sure that you connect to your body and you connect to the muscles that we'reworking. Alright, so let's get started. Okay, so what we're doing is we're gonna go throughthis workout you're gonna go through it four times through. I'm gonna go through itonce with you, but I'm gonna go through every

move. I'm gonna go in real time with you soyou guys can follow along, or you can do it on your own, okayé So first thing we're gonnado is make sure that you're attachment of your band is, I would say, at about hip boneor a little bit higher, okayé And we're gonna start with a Chest Press. So I'm gonna turnaround, I'm gonna load my weight forward in my front heel, my thumbs are at the bottomof my chest, and we're gonna go 10 from here. You're gonna push 1, 2. So as I'm pushing,I'm driving my shoulders back 5, 6, 7. So I'm not here 8, 9, 10. Hold it out andswitch. Okay, keep that core tight 1, 2, 3. And you can change the height of it ifyou want it a little bit higher 7, 8, 9

and 10. Excellent. Now you're gonna turn aroundand we're gonna go Band Row, okayé So, again, you're gonna back up so you have enough tension.Always start with your arms long. A lot of people like to start with their elbows bent,and then when you pull you don't have enough tension. So you wanna make sure that you'restarting with enough tension and you feel it with your arms long, your shoulders areaway from your ears, and your core is tight. When I pull, I'm pulling low on my waist,and I'm squeezing my shoulders blades and raising up my heart. Okay, so I'm not pullinglike this, ever. Chest up, let's go 20 1, 2. Pinch in those shoulder blades 4, 5.My eyes are on the horizon 7, 8, 9, 10,

10. Elbows are real close to the body whenyou're pulling. Make sure you're breathing 6. Big squeeze 5. Make sure you're feelingyour back 4. Squeeze those shoulder blades 3, 2. Excellent, one more and 1. Verygood. Okay, so moving to your Side Lunge with the band, okayé You wanna make sure you'rehands are interlaced this way, alrighté You're feet are wide enough so when you step to theside or when you lunge to the side, I'm lunging with my weight sitting back in my bum of thisleg in my weight in my heel. This foot is grabbing the floor. So I'm not rolled to theoutside of my ankle, and I'm squeezing this quad. So it's gonna look like this 1 andup. 2 and up. So there's enough resistance

here I'm pushing. Good 4. And I'm aimingfor the inside of my heel 5. When you come up, squeeze those glutes, squeeze 7. Up,good 8. You should feel this through your core and your torso as well 9 and up. Onemore 10 and up. Excellent. Other side, so I'm gonna turn around so you can see myform from the back. Same thing, feet are wide. Make sure that the foot that's to the sidehere is not turned out at all. You wanna make sure both feet are completely straight forward.Okay, same thing. We're gonna lunge to the side 1, up and squeeze the glutes. 2 andup 3, 4. And when you're coming up to the top, make sure that you're pulling back withthose shoulder blades and squeezing those

shoulder blades 5, up. 6, 7 good work.8 and up. 9 and 10. And up. Excellent, excellent job. Okay, so we're moving to Bicep Curls.Okay, now we're going into a Standing Bicep Curl. I'm come in a little bit, so I havea little bit less tension. My palms are up, my shoulders are down. So I wanna feel likemy arms are on a table as I curl to my forehead and extend out, okayé So we're gonna go 20 1, 2, 3, 4. Notice how I'm not lifting my elbows. Up 7, 8. Full extension 9,10. Squeeze 8, 7, 6, 5. Shoulders away from your ears 3, 2 and 1. Good. Real quickcue I wanna give you on this: When you're squeezing, you wanna feel like you are crushinga nut in the crease of your arm, you don't

Walking Interval Training Interval Training Jumping Jacks

Ok. So, more on talking about ways that wecan burn more calories while walking. We're talking about cardio bursts. Things that we'rereally going to do to get our heart rate up. So, the next thing we're going to do is jumpingjacks. So, you're going to start with your moderate walk. And, then you're going to gointo a jumping jack. And, you really want to get all of your body really moving andworking. And, remember to breathe. You want to do jumping jacks for about two minutesif you can. Because, remember when you're interval training you are going to do yourmoderate walk for five minutes and then you're going to stop and do a cardio burst that willlast about two minutes. So, the jumping jack

is really great to really really get thatheart rate up and get you moving. So, I'll walk around and I'll show you again. So, you'rewalking, walking, walking five minutes. You've got your watch and then you notices five minutes,two minute cardio burst. And, that's how you do a jumping jack interval training.

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